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How to get every Waddle Dee in the Circuit Speedway in Kirby

by | Apr 10, 2022

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Reading Time: 2 min.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a Kirby game unlike any other thanks to its 3D platform levels and interesting new abilities. Circuit Speedway combines both of these elements, making it one of the most entertaining maps in Forgotten Land.

Circuit Speedway is the second level of Wondaria Remains, the third world of the game. This level has Kirby absorbing a car with Mouthful Mode and then freeing imprisoned Waddle Dees hidden throughout the map. Unlike other maps, the Waddle Dees in Circuit Speedway are unlocked by completing specific racing challenges.

Here is how to free all of the Waddle Dees in Circuit Speedway.

First Time Trial in Kirby and the Forgotten Land’s Circuit Speedway

Two Waddle Dees can be freed by beating specific times. The first Waddle Dee can be rescued if Carby beats the course in under 25 seconds. The second Waddle Dee is freed if Carby beats the course in under 20 seconds. The best way to do this is by using the speed boost quite frequently and cutting corners when Carby encounters mud pits.

Second Time Trial in Circuit Speedway

This second time trial race encourages players to find shortcuts by speed-boosting through cardboard structures. This will unveil the first Waddle Dee. The second Waddle Dee is freed if players beat the race in under 50 seconds.

Shave off time by boosting and cutting corners frequently. When Carby first begins to drive, drop off the ledge to the right to avoid wasting time. Boost through as many cardboard shortcuts as you can.

Help Kirby rescue the remaining Waddle Dees in Circuit Speedway

There are other Waddle Dees that can be rescued outside of time trials. The third Waddle Dee can be found after the first race. Roll a bomb onto a switch by a platform to unlock a door to the left. There is another bomb rolling section within the door. Start a timer by rolling another bomb into a timer inside the room and then race to the Waddle Dee before the timer ends.

There is a final hidden Waddle Dee as well. After beating the Wild Edge mini-boss with an Invincible Candy, you’ll encounter a door with three blue rabbit bad guys hopping in front. To the right, you’ll see a small crawlspace behind some tall grass. The final Waddle Dee is within this tunnel.

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