Here’s how to get early access to Starfield

By Olivia Richman


Jul 27, 2023

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Starfield is the highly anticipated Bethesda game that has everyone dreaming of exploring space and all of its factions. If you can’t wait until September 6, you can get early access to the RPG.

Starfield is going to launch with different editions at different price points. The key to getting early access is spending a bit more dough on a more expensive edition, which also comes with other incentives. Basically, you’ll want to pre-order certain editions if you want to play the game five days early.

Starfield editions that offer early access

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If you are looking to play Starfield earlier than its release date, here are the editions you’ll need to pre-order starting today:

  • Starfield Digital Premium Edition ($100)
  • Starfield Premium Edition Upgrade ($30)
  • Starfield Constellation Edition ($300)

The Premium Edition of Starfield will not only give you early access to the game but the following — if you pre-order it:

  • Laser Cutter (Pre-Order)
  • Deep Mining Helmet (Pre-Order)
  • Deep Mining Pack (Pre-Order)
  • Shattered Space Story Expansion (upon release)
  • Constellation Skin Pack: Equinox Laser Rifle, Spacesuit, Helmet and Boost Pack
  • Access to Starfield Digital Artbook & Original Soundtrack

If you already pre-ordered the Standard Edition, you can upgrade to the Premium Edition for $30 and get all of the same perks, including early access to the game.

Starfield early access will start on Sept. 1 or 2, depending on your time zone.


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