Terraria Black Ink

How to get Black Dye in Terraria

By Olivia Richman


Mar 29, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Terraria has brought building, crafting, and survival to a 2D landscape that has captivated gamers since 2011. Still, wondering how to get your hands on some much-desired Black Dye? Here’s how to get some in Terraria.

What is Black Dye in Terraria?

Black Dye is a dye created using Black Ink, which is dropped by Squids. Black Dye has many uses in Terraria, so you’ll want to find a way to locate Squids and craft with their Black Ink.

Black Dye, when applied to an item, gives it a deep black coloration, which can be useful for creating dark or sinister-looking character outfits or for matching certain themes or aesthetics in the game. It’s often sought after for its versatility in creating different visual styles.

How to find Squids in Terraria

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The Squid spawns in the Ocean. To find it, you’ll need to go to an Ocean Biome, but unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

Squids spawn very, very rarely. If you’re lucky enough to encounter one, they also will try to attack you. They do this by propelling themselves forward in short bursts.

A good trick is to try and lead them out of the water. Outside of the Ocean, Squids can’t move anymore.

Luckily, Squids will always drop Black Ink once they are encountered. So that’s a guarantee once you come across this formidable foe.

What is Black Ink used for in Terraria?

Black Ink makes Black Dye, which can be used in a variety of dye combinations.

You can use Black Dye in a Dye Slot within your Inventory. When you do this, you will alter the colors of worn Vanity and Armor items.

Black Ink is also an ingredient in more advanced dyes. You can mix it with other colors or use it when your character is lit up by a Shadow Orb to turn Armor various colors.


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