How to get better at CSGO? Leetify may be the answer

By William Davis


Jun 17, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

“How can I get better at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?”

That’s a common question among CSGO players, and it’s one that will have a wide variety of answers depending on who you ask. YouTube videos will show you grenade lineups and how to manage CSGO’s spray patterns. Articles will tell you to watch your crosshair placement and to jiggle peak instead of standing in place.

But what if there was a way to get tailored recommendations based on one’s individual play style and habits? A system that identifies specific weak spots in a specific player’s approch?

There is actually a way. And it’s called Leetify.

Leetify is a new tool for CSGO players that can pick out their strengths and weaknesses. This isn’t just some catch-all set of suggestions either, as it scrapes CSGO replays to pick out specific holes in a player’s game that need to be filled. Those holes can be big, like needing to increase headshot accuracy, or very particular, like wasting too much utility on a specific map.

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The breadth of tips on Leetify is enormous and can give players areas to improve on when it comes to shooting, positioning, grenades, and more. Leetify is usable for players at all levels, adjusting based on the player’s individual skill level and rank. Here’s a quick explanation of how it’s used and how to best take advantage of it.

Leetify takes a deep look at s1mple

When it comes to skill in CSGO, the standard is set by Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev. But is he as perfect as fans would think? Does he have any weaknesses? Leetify took a sample of his games from both FACEIT and professional esports events and compiled data on him, identifying what makes him so good as well as some potential areas for improvement.

Unsurprisingly, Leetify shows that s1mple is a truly elite player. Even matched against the cream of CSGO’s crop, he sits well above the competition.

According to Leetify, s1mple’s greatest strength lies in his aim. But the tool goes far beyond simple stats like accuracy, headshot percentange, and average damage per round. Though s1mple is very good in those categories, he excels most in other more granular categories.

s1mple’s best skill is his crosshair placement. The crosshair placement measures the distance a player needs to move their mouse in order to line up a shot on an enemy in order to begin accurately firing on them. The average at FACEIT level 10 is 11.2 degrees, while s1mple usually only has to adjust his aim by less than 8 degrees. While this doesn’t sound like much, it shows that s1mple’s ability to predict enemy movements is much greater than that of his peers.

The other area where s1mple excels is his movement. Leetify crunched the numbers on how often and how severe the movement penalties are when it comes to s1mple firing a rifle. s1mple’s effective counter-strafing is rated at 89%, compared to an average of 80%.

It’s those hyper-specific categories where Leetify can help players and give them a much better feel for what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong.

Does s1mple have any weaknesses?

With that in mind, where does s1mple need to improve? Leetify couldn’t find much to criticize, but it does suggest that his utility usage leaves something to be desired.

Specifically, s1mple has a tendency to flash teammates more often than most players. The average FACEIT level 10 player will hit 0.32 teammates with each flashbang, while s1mple flashes 0.42 teammates. While that’s not a huge difference, s1mple’s below-average rating stands out on a report card that is close to being perfect.

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The other area where s1mple struggles is with smoke grenades. While playing on the CT side, his smoke grenades halt pushes about 10% less frequently than the average player at his level. Combine those two areas of relative weakness and there could be some coordination problems that could use some ironing out in s1mple’s play.

Players that want to see a similarly deep dive into their own play can check out Leetify today, and they can do it for free.