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How to find your perfect sensitivity in CSGO

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 2, 2021

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If you continue to struggle in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive despite putting in many hours of practice, you may want to rethink some of your in-game settings. Finding perfect CSGO sensitivity might just help you to win more games. 

Copying the in-game settings of CSGO pros may sound tempting, but it won’t necessarily change your performance. Mouse sensitivity is something that should be left to personal preference. But finding the perfect CSGO sensitivity can be tricky, considering many confusing methods requiring you to sit down with a calculator. 

Here are a few methods that might help you find the perfect mouse sensitivity in CSGO. 

360 calculation method of CSGO sensitivity 

This is one of the oldest, most accurate, and most popular methods of interpreting sensitivity. If you want the “perfect” number in its trueest meaning, follow these steps. 

  • Do a full 360 degrees swipe with your mouse. Keep increasing or decreasing sensitivity until you can return to the starting point with one single swipe. 
  • Multiply your 360 sensitivity by 1.5 to find the highest number and divide by 2 to go low. 
  • Try out the three numbers (including the initial 360 sensitibity) and pick the best one. 
  • If you like the highest, multiply it by 1.5 again. If you prefer the lowest, divide it by 2.  
  • Cross out the one you don’t like. For example, scratch the highest number if it’s too fast. Keep the other two and add them together. Divide them by 2 to get your average sensitivity. 
  • Keep repeating the steps till you get three numbers that are so close in practice that you can barely tell the difference. The one that feels most natural in-game is your perfect CSGO sensitivity. 

While this method shows accurate numbers, it might not be the best way to find your CSGO sensitivity. There are other options available. 

Should you have high or low sensitivity in CSGO?

Your sensitivity depends more on your play style. While the binary method would deliver the precise number, it might not suit your play style. Whether you should have high or low sensitivity depends heavily on your team role.

If you’re an AWPer for your team, you might want to practice more on low sensitivity. Consistency and locking heads are crucial for someone who plays from long range with one-shot weapons like AWP. Keeping your crosshair locked on a moving target becomes a menace on high sens. So keep your number on average or low to AWP efficiently. On 800 DPI, it’s recommended to not go below 0.5 if you prefer low sensitivity.

High sens works best for entry fraggers as an entire team relies on them to clear out multiple angles quickly. Peeking off angles and turning corners can be tricky for someone playing on sensitivity under 1.5 on 800 DPI. At 800 DPI, it’s recommended to not go higher than 2.0 if you prefer a high sensitivity.

How to find the perfect CSGO sensitivity? 

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The best and easiest way to find your ideal number is just by tracking heads. 

  • Go into a practice server and spawn a bot.
  • Place your crosshair on the bot’s head and move left and right. 
  • Keep changing numbers until you can comfortably walk around without having to readjust your crosshair. 
  • Crosshair slipping in the opposite direction or moving inward means your CSGO sensitivity is too high. If it keeps moving with your agent model outside of the head radius, it means you need to boost your numbers up.  

If these methods don’t work for you, try the sensitivity finder map on the Steam workshop. 


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