How to evolve Feebas in every Pokemon game

By Kenneth Williams


Sep 20, 2023

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Pokemon trainers looking to evolve Feebas will learn how to do so in every major game right here.

Feebas is one of the weirder Pokemon in the series. From a battle perspective, the Pokemon is all but worthless. From an aesthetic perspective, it’s one of the ugliest Water types in the entire series.

However, its beautiful and powerful evolution Milotic is a frequent favorite among fans. If you’re looking to get one for your own team in any Pokemon title, here’s how to evolve Feebas in every game they’re available in.

How to evolve Feebas in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

To evolve Feebas into Milotic in Scarlet and Violet, trainers will need to trade one while it holds a Prism Scale.

The original method of evolving Feebas was unique, with it only evolving once its beauty contest stat was maxed out. However, with no contest system in Scarlet and Violet, the method had to change. Game Freak chose to change it to another roundabout evolution method by requiring both a trade and a special held item.

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In Scarlet and Violet, equip your Feebas with a Prism Scale as a held item and trade it with another player. When it arrives, it should be a Milotic. Once that is done, do your best to convince the other player to trade it back.

This is a specific enough instance that you should set up a trade back beforehand, so don’t do random online trades if you expect to a Milotic back.

How to evolve Feebas in Pokemon Go

To evolve Feebas in Pokemon Go, players will need to walk at least 20 kilometers with Feebas as your buddy and then spend 100 Feebas candies.

100 candies is an extremely high cost, and the relative rarity of Feebas makes it even harder to grind out. Milotic is among the rarest Pokemon in the game due to the difficult nature of evolving Feebas.

Neither Pokemon is exactly a standout for attacking or defending, though Feebas is occasionally featured as a low-level raid target. Still, for any trainer looking to fill out their Pokedex, grinding out 100 Feebas candies or spending a ton of Rare Candies will be a necessity.


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