How to earn Overwatch League Grand Finals exclusive rewards

By Olivia Richman


Sep 20, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

The Overwatch League Grand Finals will see the San Francisco Shock face the Vancouver Titans for the Season 2 championship title. 

While the intense action between the two equally skilled teams will be satisfying enough for Overwatch League viewers, Blizzard has announced that fans will also get Grand Finals exclusive rewards for watching the action on Twitch. 

Viewers who tune in for an hour will receive the in-game “Tailgate” spray, which features adorable miniature versions of Mercy, Solder: 76, Lucio, and Mei enjoying some grilled food and drinks on the back of the payload. 

Fans who watch for two hours will be rewarded with the “Grand Finals 2019” icon for their player profile. It features a majestic trophy in front of a scenic cityscape shown in light blue under the moonlight. 

The “Watching Ball” spray is rewarded to fans who tune in for three hours. This exclusive spray depicts an out-of-mech D.Va and a festive Tracer rooting on their favorite team atop Wrecking Ball’s robotic shell. 

How to claim the Overwatch League Grand Finals rewards 


To ensure that you receive the in-game rewards, remember to view in a way that Blizzard will recognize. One sure way is by watching via the in-game client. This ensures that the rewards will automatically go to your account. If you’re watching on the Overwatch League website or instead, make sure you’re signed into your account on those platforms. 

For fans viewing from Twitch, make sure your Twitch account is linked to your Blizzard account. You’ll get a link offering to connect to your account if you log into your Twitch account, go to settings, and then open the connections tab. 

Overwatch League Tokens rewards


The Overwatch League Grand Finals isn’t the only time that Blizzard has offered rewards to viewers. Throughout the 2019 OWL season, fans earned Overwatch League Tokens by watching live matches. 

League Tokens are used to purchase Overwatch League team skins in-game. For 100 League Tokens, you receive the home and away versions of a team’s color scheme for one hero of your choice. 

Fans earned three League Tokens for every hour they watched of the Season 2 matches on Twitch. This included, the streaming platform’s mobile app, and the Twitch app on game consoles. OWL fans could also use Overwatch League platforms, like the league’s official website,, and Overwatch game client viewers. 

According to the official Overwatch League press release, viewing time is tracked continously, “so if you watch 30 minutes in one session and return later for another 30 minutes of viewing, you’ll get credit for that total accumulated hour.”

Viewing time was also accumulated during live matches, ending at 105 minutes after the start of the final scheduled match day. 

Blizzard also rewarded a percentage of viewers 100 League Tokens at random after the final map of each live broadcast. The League Tokens could also be earned by playing Overwatch League Picks, a program that rewarded fans with the Tokens if they correctly predicted the outcome of the match. 


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