How to delete Dragon’s Dogma 2 Steam save files

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 22, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Capcom’s latest ARPG, Dragon’s Dogma 2, prohibits players from saving more than one game file at a time. So, if you wish to relive your adventure, you must delete your Dragon’s Dogma 2 save files from Steam. 

Dragon’s Dogma 2 allows players to customize their main character, Arisen, according to their wishes. With so many options available, it’s pretty easy to mess up your first design and carry on with the game. If you are okay with losing game progress, it’s possible to start a new game in Dragon’s Dogma 2. 

How to start a new game in Dragon’s Dogma 2

In order to start a new game, you’ll have to delete Dragon’s Dogma 2 save files from the Steam Cloud. Besides your device, Steam saves game data and progress on the cloud that you can access by logging in from new devices at any time. Here’s how to get rid of this data:

  • Before deleting the files, make sure you turn off your cloud saves. To do that, right-click on the game in your Steam library and then go to Properties
  •  Select General from the options and toggle off the cloud saves

Dragon’s Dogma 2 save files location

Dragon's Dogma 2

Finding Dragon’s Dogma 2 Steam save files location can be slightly tricky, but here’s the most common path:

  • Your Dragon’s Dogma 2 saved files should be here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\33217548\2054970\remote\win64_save
  • Once you’re in, delete all the files in that folder, especially the ones named data00-1.bin. You may also shift+delete the entire folder
  • Alternatively, you can save these files outside of the Steam folder to create a backup
  • Now, restart Steam and toggle the cloud save back on from Dragon’s Dogma 2 settings to ensure your game progress is saved

To ensure the save files are all gone, go to Steam Cloud and sign into your account. Select Dragon’s Dogma 2 from the list and click on Show Files. If there are any remaining files, go back to the folder and delete them as well. 


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