Ditto in the Pokemon anime

How to catch Ditto, the trickiest Pokemon?

By Melany Moncada


Oct 20, 2022

Reading time: 1 min

Some Pokemon are harder to catch than others, but none is trickiest in Pokemon Go than the elusive Ditto.

Ditto is part of Pokemon’s first generation. The number 132 in the National Pokedex, its first appearance was in Pokemon Red and Blue. Ditto is type Normal but this Pokemon is anything but. Ditto is the only Pokemon that can transform into an exact replica of an object or living creature, including its abilities.

Ditto joined Pokemon Go in November 2016, over four months after the release of the game. The Shiny form became available on February 2021 as part of Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto. Just like in the real Pokemon universe, Ditto is a rare Pokemon to find with only a 3% chance of finding it.

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Players won’t know it is Ditto in disguised until they catch it. One way to spot Ditto is when a low CP Pokemon is hard to capture. Using berries and Ultra Balls should do the trick. After it is captured, an “Oh?” message will show on screen and reveal Ditto. Unlike shiny Pokemon, Ditto is available to all players in the area.

And speaking of shiny, Ditto cannot disguise itself as a shiny Pokemon. It cannot be hatched on an egg either. Instead, Ditto must be found in the wild or it can be granted as a rare gift in an event.

What can Ditto be in Pokemon Go?

Every month, Ditto will adopt the form of a specific number of Pokemon. However, this list is not officially shared but rather crowdsourced. This list is usually shared in Pokemon Go Discord communities.

Ditto can take the form of any Pokemon, of any type. Finding it in the wild is a game of luck, the only way to increase the chances of acquiring one is by catching every Pokemon available.