How to build and play Greedent in Pokemon Unite

By Steven Rondina


Oct 31, 2021

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Greedent has arrived in Pokemon Unite and, as with every other defender in the game, it’s getting a stint of being wildly overpowered.

Following in the footsteps of early top-tier Pokemon Snorlax and the devastatingly strong Crustle, Greedent has incredible bulk, the ability to deal big damage, and can easily score goals even as enemies try to stop them. Some of this is likely to be rolled back over time, but right now players are reveling in the power of the chonky squirrel Pokemon.

Every possible build for Greedent is strong, but right now there’s one combination that’s almost unstoppable. Here’s how to build Greedent in Pokemon Unite.

Best build for Greedent in Pokemon Unite

As with other Pokemon Unite defenders, Greedent has more attack power than he probably should. Both Bullet Seed and Belch deal damage comparable to moves from actual attackers, but Greedent has the extra HP to comfortably trade hits with almost any Pokemon. What makes Greedent particularly overpowered right now is that Greedent doesn’t even have to trade hits with an opponent, it just explodes them in an instant.


Greedent starts off as Skwovet, which has Tackle and Defense Curl for its starting moves. Tackle is the move to start with, since it offers mobility and damage for early skirmishes and jungle clear.


Greedent’s biggest strength is its unique berry-gathering mechanic, where players can store up to five berries at a time in order to reduce the cooldown of their attacks. Basic move Defense Curl gives a free berry to the player each time they use it, and Covet is the preferred upgrade. Covet offers mobility to Greedent alongside some offensive utility in the form of a bash to any Pokemon that Greedent happens to rumble through.


While Bullet Seed might seem like the way to go for upgrading Tackle, Belch is the superior option. The move deals a significant amount of damage in a huge AOE, making Greedent deadly around every objective. Though the move’s weakness is the fact that it takes some time before actually casting, this is mitigated by using Covet to remain mobile while charging up a Belch.

Greedent Unite Move

Greedent’s Unite Move might seem like standard fare, dealing AOE damage and bashing enemies. What makes it special is the fact that it also gives Greedent infinite berries for a short time. This means that Greedent has no cooldown on Belch, allowing the player to simply mash the R button and deal tens of thousands of damage. Greedent can take out any objective Pokemon it wants in a solo fight with the right itemization.

Best items for Greedent in Pokemon Unite

  • Buddy Barrier
  • Score Shield
  • Attack Weight
  • Eject Button

Greedent can be itemized in a few different ways. Maxing out the Pokemon’s attack is certainly tempting as it allows Greedent to solo Zapdos without much trouble. But a team-oriented build offers benefits for all.

Score Shield is an exceptional item on any tank, and lets Greedent score goals it otherwise couldn’t. It synergizes brilliantly with Attack Weight, which offers more damage for Greedent in the late game than other options. 

Buddy Barrier is a good item that offers extra bulk to both Greedent and a nearby allied player after using a Unite Move. This is especially useful as it gives some extra sturdiness when standing still and coating the map with Belches.

Eject Button is just plain great. It offers mobility for escaping dangerous situations as well as initiating attacks and pursuing wounded enemies. Eject Button remains the standard on all Pokemon, and the developer seems content in keeping it that way.


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