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How to build a team for ranked battles in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

By Melany Moncada


Dec 5, 2022

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet added ranked battles for players around the world looking to compete. The Ranked Battles Series 1 will run through January 31, 2023. If this is the first time you are competing, here is everything you need to know about the Ranked Battles and how to build a team.

The Ranked Battles only allow Pokemon that are registered in the Paldea Pokedex. Paradox Form Pokemon and legendary cannot be used. Taking these restrictions into consideration, it is time to build a team.

Trainers enter the Ranked Battles with the six Pokemon in their team. Once players get matched with an opponent, it will show the six Pokemon in the opponent’s team. Each player can pick three Pokemon to take into battle. You won’t know what Pokemon the opponent is using until you enter the battle.

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There are 400 Pokemon in the Paldea Pokedex, but players in competitive settings develop a meta. A meta is nothing more than a strategy that works in different scenarios, so players adopt it. Ahead of each combat, take note of what Pokemon can be frequently found in the opponent’s team.

Having a variety of types and strong Pokemon that can endure damage is the best way to go. Pokemon battles involve more than just attacking. In fact, most players prefer to “stack” defensive stats and wait for the correct moment to attack.

Items are another important element to keep in mind. Ideally, your Pokemon will be holding an item that restores HP in between turns or improves the stats.

There isn’t a perfect recipe when it comes to Pokemon battles. The better trainer is not the one that has the strongest Pokemon but the one that can adapt to different situations faster.

Can you use Mythical Pokemon in ranked battles?

Legendary Pokemon cannot be used in ranked battles.


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