How to activate hard mode in Broken Fang’s co-op Autumn Harvest

By Nick Johnson


Dec 5, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

In each one of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s cooperative Strike Missions, players can enable a hard mode modifier for the mission. Broken Fang keeps that tradition alive. 

One of the best parts of CSGO’s operations is the cooperative strike mode that allow players a break from the game’s competitive origins and pit a team of two players against bots in a special mission. Players are scored based on how long it takes them to complete the mission, but the best way to improve a player’s score is to play the strike on hard mode.

Getting into hard mode isn’t as easy as hitting a button labeled “hard” before players deploy, though. It isn’t much more difficult, though. Most strikes come with a switch that players can use to literally switch on hard mode. Broken Fang’s Autumn Harvest is no different. While Shattered Web had players perform some difficult jumps to enable the more difficult mode, Autumn Harvest is a little bit different.

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How to enable hard mode in Broken Fang’s Autumn Harvest

Broken Fang’s first strike spawns players inside a room, complete with guns, ammo, and utility to stock up on before they enter battle. Hidden inside the room is a podium where players have the chance to ramp up the difficulty. Inside the podium is a panel of three buttons, and players must shoot them in a specific order to trigger the mission’s hard mode. 

To turn on hard mode in Autumn Harvest, shoot the podium buttons in this order:

  • Button 1
  • Button 2
  • Button 3
  • Button 2

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After shooting the buttons in the correct order, the whiteboard on the wall will slide away and reveal the switch to enable hard mode. All players have to do is interact with the switch to toggle hard mode. If done correctly, the projector screen will turn red, alerting players that hard mode is enabled. 

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How is hard mode different in Broken Fang’s cooperative Autumn Harvest?

Enemies are much more deadly when hard mode in enabled, so players will want to make sure they use all the weapons at their disposal to get through alive.

That means communication is key and with CSGO’s new ping system, players have even more tools than before to complete the mission unscathed. Compared to Shattered Web, Broken Fang’s Autumn Harvest mission feels close to double the size. Players can earn extra points on the leaderboard by not dying, completing the mission on hard mode, or using only pistols. This gives the Autumn Harvest has a ton of replayability.

Hard mode is no joke, so it’s suggested to play through on normal difficulty once or twice before players try Autumn Harvest’s harder settings. Either way, Broken Fang’s first cooperative strike is a serious test of skill.

Just watch out. These boys have got a bit of an arsenal and they don’t mind using it.