How many people play The Finals in 2024?

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 16, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

The Finals is a hot new shooter that has FPS players hooked to its TV show-style heist arena. But exactly how many people are playing The Finals in 2024? 

Centered around cash box loot, The Finals has a unique theme. The 3v3v3 games are being televised on TV, while the three different build classes with customizable load-outs strive to bag the most cash. It’s addicting and entertaining. So, it’s really unsurprising that hundreds of thousands of players have already tried the game, and many are still playing. 

With the release of Season 2, which brings in a new map, The Finals caught the eye of new players interested in taking its gravity-denying gadgets for a spin. Here’s what we know about The Finals’ new player count in 2024. 

The Finals concurrent players 

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In the last 24 hours, The Finals has hit the peak player count of 41,625, maintaining an average of 20,430 players in February. At the time of writing, The Finals has 35,000 concurrent players, according to Steam Charts

The Finals stands out for its unique TV show theme and heist theme. For this reason, about 242,399 have played the game so far. The game is free and offers a variety of weapons, builds, and maps for everyone to access. While it has remained popular since its release in 2023, The Finals Season 2 helped regain some of the lost hype around the game.

In January, The Finals took a massive hit, losing about 126,000 players in 30 days. But the game seems to be bouncing back, thanks to Season 2. 

A group of hackers called the CNS has hacked the game show in Season 2 and has brought in new gadgets, maps, and weapons. Those who stopped playing the game in 2023 should revisit The Finals to enjoy the glitchy map and unique gadgets. 


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