All we know about The Finals 5v5 game mode and Season 2 content

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 13, 2024

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The Finals Season 2 is set to take off on March 14. It will introduce a new 5v5 game mode, weapons, and gadgets that will completely change the arena shooter’s gameplay. 

Hackers have taken over The Finals, and while the game show hosts navigate through the complex breach, players can enjoy the brand new additions. Stepping into the shoes of hackers known as CNS, contestants can spawn into a new map, use cutting-edge gadgets, and engage in 5v5 duels. 

Arriving on March 14, Season 2 of The Finals will revamp the game with new features and upgrades. Here’s everything you need to know about The Finals Season 2. 

5v5 Power Shift mode

New game mode Power Shift is likely the highlight of Season 2. Currently, The Finals has a 3v3v3v3 format that may not work for most shooter players. In Season 2, the developer is introducing a 5v5 game mode with reduced spawn time and class swaps. 

In Power Shift, two teams of five players fight over control of a floating platform. As spotted in the trailer, the platform doesn’t stop for anyone or anything. It slices straight through objects — even buildings. 

New map in The Finals

SYS$HORIZON is a brand new map CNS hackers created for the contestants. It’s wide and spacious, and players will like its upbeat color scheme and glitchy visuals. 

The Finals season 2

New gadgets in The Finals

Season 2 is centered around a hacking theme, so new gadgets are quite on beat with what a hacker would do in The Finals. The developer is adding four new gadgets to help navigate the new map. 

  • The Gateway: A teleport network between two points.
  • The Dematerializer: Removes walls, floors, and objects.
  • The Data Reshaper: Transforms enemy mines into objects.
  • The Anti-Gravity Cube: Propels players into the air.

Besides all that, contestants can also equip new weapons. Season 2 will add a 93R machine pistol, FAMAS assault rifle, and KS-23 slug shotgun.

All of this will be available in the March 14 update. 


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