How hard is Absurdle and what’s a good score to get?

By Olivia Richman


Aug 30, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Absurdle is the twisted cousin of Wordle, where the puzzle is actively attempting to not give you the answer rather than providing hints with each guess. Due to this variation, is Absurdle considered tougher than Wordle and what is a good Absurdle score?

Wordle is a worldwide phenomenob, with participants hoping to find out the daily word. The rules are simple. Guess a five-letter word and the puzzle will reveal which letters are correct, which are in the wrong place, and which aren’t in the word at all. This allows players to guess on what the word is based on what letters are left.

Absurdle has decided to take a different approach. Every guess will cause the puzzle to change its answer in an attempt to keep the player guessing as long as possible. Using leftover letters, players can try to trap Absurdle into revealing the word.

Is Absurdle harder than Wordle?

Absurdle’s concept may be confusing at first, but it’s not considered harder than Wordle. Instead, it’s just a new type of puzzle to figure out. Rather than guessing an existing, pre-set word, players are trying to narrow down a database of existing words. This can definitely have its own tricky factors but isn’t too challenging compared to Wordle.

Those looking for a harder alternative to Wordle can check out Octordle. This has eight games going on at once. Players type the same word for all eight puzzles simultaneously but each of the eight puzzles has a different answer. Players have 13 total guesses to find all eight words.

What’s a good score for Absurdle?

Six guesses is considered a good score for an Absurdle puzzle. Five guesses or fewer is considered extremely good.

Unlike Wordle, where players can even uncover the word within the first guess, Absurdle’s goal is to keep you from knowing the word as long as possible. For that reason, it’s almost impossible to guess Absurdle in anything less than a few turns.

It’s possible to solve Absurdle in four guesses but it’s quite difficult. It’s considered almost impossible without using some kind of outside help, like a quick computer search.

It’s impossible to guess Absurdle in three guesses or less. There are simply too many words left for Absurdle to choose from, making it statistically improbable to corner the game into an answer that fast.