How does the Pokemon weakness chart work?

By Melany Moncada


Dec 19, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The Pokemon weakness chart is one of the tools that every trainer will use as they try to advance through a game. Whether it is one of the main games or a game like Pokemon GO, this chart is relevant in every situation.

The Pokemon weakness chart is a chart that showcases every Pokemon Type strengths and weaknesses. Take, for example, the starter trio in a game. Fire is strong against Grass, which is strong against Water, which is strong against Fire. This is the most basic part of the chart for any player to learn.

The early success of a game could be determined by the starter players’ pick. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, picking Quaxly is probably the worst option considering that it is strong against only one of the eight Gyms.

There are 18 Pokemon types in total, but not all types have existed since the first generation. Dark and Steel were introduced in the second generation. Later on, in the sixth generation, Fairy was added as a counter to the Dark type. With an even number of types, the chart is complete, and every type has clear strengths and weaknesses.

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Some types are neutral to each other, meaning that they are super effective or weak. For example, Poison and Electric are neutral to each other. Some types are completely neutral and have no effect. For example, Ghost and Normal have no effect.

What Pokemon has the most weaknesses?

All types are weak against at least three different types. If a Pokemon has a dual type, like a Fire-Dragon, it would be especially weak against Fairy-Water. This is the case for Charizard versus Azumarill.

A Pokemon like Exeggutor, which is Grass and Psychic, is weak against Ghost, Fire, Flying, Ice, Dark, Poison, and Bug. That’s a total of seven different types that could take it down easily. On the other hand, it is super effective against Water, Ground, Rock, Fighting, and Poison.