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How do Premier ranks and CS Rating work in CS2?

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 25, 2023

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Valve has completely overhauled how ranks and progress work in CS2. Here’s all you need to know about Premier ranks and CS Rating. 

CS2 may look the same as CSGO, but it’s essentially a completely different game. From the round length to rank up criteria, everything has changed. Still, old-timers may quickly adapt to the new rank changes, but Premier mode is unique for all.

Fret not. Keep reading if you’re also confused about Premier ranks and CS Rating in CS2. 

Premier ranks and CS Rating explained

Valve has completely divided the semi-serious and serious player base in CS2 by introducing Premier mode. In Premier mode, ranks don’t exist. Instead, players are placed into divisions based on their ELO, called CS Rating. 

To make it a bit easier to understand, the players have labeled each rating division with colors similar to CSGO’s system. The lowest rating is 0-4999, equivalent to Silver in CSGO ranks, and the highest is 35000, comparable to Global Elite. 

Here are all the ranks or rating divisions in CS2 by color and CSGO rank comparison: 

  • Grey (Silver): 0-4999 
  • Light Blue (Gold): 5000-9999
  • Blue (MG): 10000-14999
  • Purple (DMG): 15000, 19999
  • Pink (LEM): 20000-24999
  • Red (SMFC): 25000-29999
  • Yellow (GE): 30000-35000

In order to get to the next rank quickly, players must maintain a strong win streak because, in CS2, the ELO pool works similarly to other FPS games. The more you win, the more the ELO system will grant you in order to push you into the deserved rank. 

But this also means more ELO loss for those who are constantly losing. The game will grant fewer and fewer points to demote you into a more appropriate rating division.

How does CS Rating work?

Premier mode players will be able to win more CS Rating by maintaining a win streak. Your personal score and performance have less to do with the rating scored. Here’s how it works.

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In CS2 Premier, you’re informed about the rating gain and loss in advance. At the beginning of the game, a banner would appear with the potential rating gained upon winning and losing mentioned. This means you’d be able to anticipate your score pre-match. 

CS2 leaderboard explained

Once you reach the highest echelons, the Yellow division, you’ll start appearing in the top ranks of the CS2 leaderboard. Low rating players will be ranked based on their region’s ranking.

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The top of the CS2 leaderboard includes the crème of the crop: players who are lurking around the 30000 CS Rating. This rating may vary based on the average regional skill, but globally, it’d typically be sky-high.

Players may view leaderboards in their region and friend circle as well to determine who’s making the most rating in Premier mode. 


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