How do CSGO Wingman ranks compare to competitive ranks?

By Nick Johnson


Sep 13, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

CSGO’s Wingman game mode is a competitive two-versus-two setting with ranks that can help players to improve their competitive play.

While Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s main competitive mode is a five-versus-five affair, the game’s Wingman mode has its own ranks and helps players to better hone their skills. Each mode starts off with two players on each team and is a perfect practice ground for the late-game situations in the game’s more popular competitive mode. CSGO’s Wingman ranks are exactly the same as the first-person shooter’s main competitive ranks, ranging from Silver I at the bottom to Global Elite at the top.

CSGO’s Wingman ranks are perfect practice for competitive games

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But there’s a catch. CSGO’s Wingman playerbase is much smaller than that of its main competitive mode. That means that it’s easier to rise through the Wingman ranks than it is to move into Global Elite in competitive five-versus-five games.

That said, Wingman is still the perfect place to practice competitive situations where two players remain on each team, and hitting the mode’s top ranks will still prove a valuable challenge.

When the round starts, players play on a smaller version of competitive maps with only one site to choose from. It’s the perfect staging ground for players to practice specific executes and strategies that they can use when their competitive games go wrong.

Since the economy in CSGO’s Wingman mode is nearly identical to the one in competitive, its not uncommon for players to have their economies broken and be forced to compete against the opposition that has a weaponry advantage.

But the opposite is also true, meaning that Wingman players can perfect their skills against teams that are stuck on pistols or forcebuys.

Here’s the list of currently available Wingman maps:

  • de_lake
  • de_inferno
  • de_train
  • de_overpass
  • de_cbble
  • de_shortdust
  • de_vertigo
  • de_shortnuke

These maps limit player movement and options, but ultimately serve a quick slices of the same addicting gameplay found in CSGO’s competitive matches.

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