Hot tub streamer accuses Twitch of transphobia after ban

Olivia Richman • July 7, 2021 7:40 am

Hot tub streamer Anne Atomic was recently banned from Twitch for “adult nudity.” But she wasn’t wearing anything different than the other bikini-clad streamers in the streaming platform’s controversial new meta. 

Anne Atomic applauded Twitch for supporting adult content with the hot tub category earlier this year. But the success of the category and the addition of diversity tags also brought an influx of trolls to her channel. Soon, transphobic comments filled her chat and trolls began to report Anne Atomic for “nudity.” Despite the reports being part of a bullying effort, Twitch went along with it and suspended Anne Atomic from the streaming platform.

Anne Atomic then took to Twitter and implied that the decision was related to her gender.


In an interview with Kotaku, Anne Atomic noted that she has been “constantly reported by transphobes” on the streaming platform. To Anne Atomic, it seemed like Twitch didn’t care about the harassment since “no one bothered to review [the reports] since I’m not a partner.” Or maybe, Anne Atomic wondered, some Twitch admin “did not like what I was doing.” 

She attempted to appeal the suspension, but Twitch gave her an automated response at the time. 

“They simply don’t seem to care enough to even bother reviewing things or so much as even giving a canned reply. Being one of the biggest trans streamers on the platform still is very small by their standards and doesn’t mean much,” Anne Atomic said. 

In response to the interview and Twitter rant, the streaming community called on Twitch to explain itself. So far, Twitch has not made any statements regarding the situation. It’s now been eight days and Anne Atomic’s account is still suspended indefinitely on Twitch. Since then, the OnlyFans model has switched to YouTube for future hot tub streams. 


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