Is Hogwarts castle explorable

Hogwarts Legacy delayed once again, new release date revealed

By Olivia Richman


Aug 13, 2022

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The passionate Harry Potter community has let it be known that the latest Hogwarts Legacy delay is not sitting well with them, even after being informed of the game’s new release date.

Hogwarts Legacy developers at Avalanche Software has announced another delay. This time, the highly anticipated RPG is said to be coming out in February 2023.

Hogwarts Legacy is the first fully immersive Harry Potter game and fans have very high hopes for it. It was first announced in 2020 and had its first details reveal in March 2022, showing off character customization and magic-based combat. Hogwarts Legacy takes place in the 19th century wizarding world before the time during which the Harry Potter book and film series takes place. Fans are hoping to possibly see Dumbledore make an appearance, but the game will largely be all new characters and stories.

Hogwarts Legacy delayed to February 2023 this time

When Hogwarts Legacy was first announced, fans were told that it was coming in 2022 near holiday time. But since then, the game has been pushed back multiple times, leaving Harry Potter fans frustrated.

On August 12, Avalanche tweeted that Hogwarts Legacy would be launching in 2023 instead, February 10 specifically for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. The Nintendo Switch launch date will come a bit later.

“The team is excited for you to play, but we need a little more time to deliver the best possible game experience,” developers said.

The Harry Potter community did not take lightly to the news. Many expressed anger at the continued delays, commenting that developers shouldn’t even reveal a new release date if they can’t stick to it. While delays are often necessary to guarantee that a game isn’t broken and meets fans’ expectations, the number of delays for Hogwarts Legacy is starting to exhaust some gamers.

Still, others have responded that the development team at Avalanche probably has no other choice than to delay the game. When developers have rushed to release other recent games, fans have reacted harshly to the unfinished results. Avalanche probably wants to avoid what happened with CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 rocky launch, and that of other similar titles.

For now, Harry Potter fans will have to wait at least a few extra months for Hogwarts Legacy to finally be released. Until then, fans will be awaiting more information about the gameplay and other components of the game.


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