Hoax prompts massive police standoff at Ubisoft Montreal office

By Olivia Richman


Nov 14, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

A hostage situation seemed to be underway at Ubisoft Montreal, but later reports have shown it to be a likely hoax.

On November 13, reports from a number of local and national outlets stated that the Rainbow Six developer’s office in Montreal’s Mile End area was the site of a massive police operation. Though initial reports stated that it was the scene of a hostage situation, conflicting information followed, including reports that it was actually the site of an armed robbery. Montreal police surrounded the building while equipped with shields and rifles. Helicopter footage showed dozens of employees on the roof of the building with the entrance barricaded.

Ubisoft Montreal hostage

The scary situation was resolved after several hours, as the building was evacuated and police swept the area. No intruders were found, but the news dominated social media across the gaming industry. Many expressed their concern over the situation, including former Ubisoft Montreal employee Stephanie “missharvey” Harvey. 

After 7:16 p.m. ET, Montreal Police announced that the situation was officially resolved. 

“The police operation in connection with a hostage taking call is over. No threat has been detected and no injuries are reported. An investigation will follow to shed light on the call behind this important police force deployment,” Montreal Police announced.

A statement followed saying “an investigation will follow regarding the call behind this important police force deployment.”

Ahead of this, CBC reported that police had informed them that the standoff stemmed from a hoax call to 911. No further details were made available, including what prompted police to be mobilized in such large numbers or what the motive for the hoax may have been.

Though fans of Ubisoft’s franchises will be pleased to hear that this incident ended with no injuries, law enforcement in Canada will likely look into this extensively.


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