Hinao is the breakout star of Kagurabachi Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 of Kagurabachi nearly doubles the list of named characters, and Hinao has quickly become the most popular. 

Modern manga series tend to keep their core cast tight. While the expansive casts of Naruto and Dragon Ball are fun, the contemporary approach allows mangaka to dive deep into character motivations and personalities. Kagurabachi is no exception, and Chapter 3 has added two big plot drivers in the form of Hinao and Sharu. Here’s a breakdown of what happens in the new issue and why one particular character is making the rounds on social media.

Chapter 3 of Kagurabachi has started moving the mechanics introduced in the second chapter forward. Chihiro has a lead on one of his father’s swords and is working with a strange child named Sharu to locate it. However, as he treats the kid to a meal, the two are accosted by an unknown sorcerer. Chapter 4 will certainly feature a duel between them and our protagonist, with Shiba likely getting involved.

While the plot progression is nice, the chapter’s standout addition is a new character who will likely play an important role in the story.

Will Hinao become a main character after Kagurabachi Chapter 3?

Hinao is a power broker and cafe owner in Tokyo, the capital of sorcery in the world of Kagurabachi. 

She plays a big role in the most recent chapter, giving Chihiro a lead on one of his father’s swords in the form of an abandoned child. She also shows familiarity with Shiba and Chihiro’s father, indicating a professional relationship. While her main gig appears to be running a coffee shop, she also connects VIPs with protection in the form of both swordsmen and sorcerers.

Mechanically, this makes her a potential link between the main cast and the wide world of warriors from all over Japan.

Hinao Kagurabachi Chapter 3

She’s the first woman to play a real role in Kagurabachi, and her relative age to Chihiro could set her up for a variety of tropes. She could serve as a romantic interest for Chihiro, but she will more likely be a recurring side character that helps set up plotlines.

Her job as a bodyguard handler will probably also get expanded on. Hinao likely has her own tragic backstory to be revealed at a later date. Kagurabachi’s competitors Chainsaw Man and Jujutsu Kaisen both feature complex female characters, so fans will enter Hinao’s story with high expectations.

Chapter 3 also expanded on Chihiro’s personality, showcasing his compassion for others. Despite her requests for tempura soba, he buys a meal for Sharu with no hesitation. Shiba comments on this, flashing back to other times when Chihiro helped him out without having to ask.

Most of his character has revolved around killing yakuza members by the dozen, so it’s a nice change of pace for the protagonist. Expect to see more compassion in the future, with it likely leading to trouble.


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