<strong>Hiko explains why he called Valorant community “cringe”</strong>

By Fariha Bhatti


May 31, 2023

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Retired CSGO pro player Spencer “Hiko” Martin thinks Valorant players are cringe, but he has a solid reason to explain why he feels so strongly.

The Valorant vs. CSGO rivalry is still going strong, which is pretty healthy for both games to a certain extent. But the fan base is always on the lookout to compare the two titles. This time, Hiko has reignited the debate on his recent CSGO stream.

While discussing the possibility of returning to Valve’s FPS, Hiko revealed why he misses CSGO. According to the 100 Thieves streamer, the community is just better than Valorant, where players a “little cringe.”

The short snippet rapidly gained attention among CSGO fans, who took delight in mocking Valorant players, but Hiko has presented a valid explanation for his “cringe” remark. According to Hiko, he’s just too old for the Valorant community.

“Both games have some bad community problems, but what game doesn’t? Seems like the people that are still around playing CS are generally older, and the quality of cs games (FACEIT) felt better,” Hiko said.

Is Hiko returning to CSGO?


CSGO does seem to have a more mature player base considering the realistic nature of the game. So, it makes sense why Hiko feels more at home in CSGO. But, all of this is still insufficient to convince him to return to Valve’s FPS. Hiko has clarified that while he misses CSGO, he won’t be returning to the competition.

“I definitely plan to stream some CS2 when it comes out, but I won’t be quitting VAL!” he said.

Valorant players who have attempted to make a comeback in CSGO have struggled to regain their former glory, so it may not be the most favorable decision. Even CSGO veteran Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella, who departed Valorant in hopes of a dazzling comeback, ultimately chose retirement again.

In any case, CSGO players are excited to watch Hiko stream Counter-Strike 2 when it releases in the summer of 2023.


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