Here’s when the 2022 Steam Summer Sale will end

Steven Rondina • June 25, 2022 1:55 am

The 2022 Steam Summer Sale is here, but when are all these great deals coming to an end?

Steam runs a series of big sales each year, but the Steam Summer Sale is quite possibly the biggest. That’s no different in 2022, but the deals don’t last forever. Players will need to cough up their cash to Valve before games go back to their regular prices. So when will the end of the 2022 Steam Summer Sale come? Here are the key details.

When does the 2022 Steam Summer Sale end?

The 2022 Steam Summer Sale ends on July 7.

On July 7, almost every game involved in the sale will revert to its original price. With certain titles seeing discounts beyond 90%, it’s certainly a good time to pull the trigger on a purchase. Many of these games won’t see comparably significant discounts until the holiday sale in December, and even that isn’t guaranteed.

Though past Steam sales have pushed gamers into heavy engagement, this one doesn’t have as many extras attached to it. The primary extra addition to the sale is the ability to unlock extra features for Steam profiles. This includes a profile badge, new avatars, and new avatar frames. 

This is done through a mini-game in the actual Steam client. On the main store page, players can click the “FREE FUN THIS WAY” button. This leads players to a scavenger hunt where they have to find a series of fake games on Steam pages. The hints are largely obvious, and even players who don’t understand them can quickly identify which game is fake by mousing over each one and spotting the game that doesn’t have a real trailer.

While there isn’t a particularly large number of users who are dedicated collectors of Steam profile items, these items are likely to disappear after the event ends. This means that players who are interested in collecting them should do so before the end of the 2022 Steam Summer Sale.


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