Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha

All Marvel Rivals rewards that will remain after Closed Alpha ends

By Fariha Bhatti


May 11, 2024

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Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha is live. While all progress will be wiped out upon the game’s official launch, there are some rewards playtesters can keep. 

NetEase and Marvel Entertainment’s Marvel Rivals may look like an Overwatch dupe, but it has found a solid player base of its own. Just a day after Closed Alpha launched, the game has skyrocketed in popularity, gaining praise from fans. But some fans are disappointed that progress won’t carry over. 

The Closed Alpha has plenty of content, including three game modes — Convoy, Domination, and Convergence that can be played across three maps: YGGSGARD, Royal Palace, and Tokyo 2099. But, whatever you earn during Closed Alpha, you’ll have to leave behind. 

The great news is that Marvel Rivals has a few rewards you can flex once the game goes live. 

Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha rewards

Here are all the rewards you can keep in Marvel Rivals once the Closed Alpha ends. 

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  • Galactic Glories Spray- This reward can be earned by playing the Creator Clash test between 6 and 8 p.m. PDT each day. In this test, you play against devs and get a reward just for matchmaking and completing a game. Winning isn’t a condition for earning Galactic Glories spray
  • Test Elite (Alpha) Nameplate- Reach level 7 in the Galacta’s Quest event during the test
  • Moonlit Witch Scarlet Witch Costume- Reach level 30 in the Galacta’s Quest event during the test
  • Dawn of Legends Nameplate- This plate can be earned by placing in the Top 32 during the test’s Dawn of Legends 6v6 tournament

These are all extremely valuable rewards, as they won’t be available at the official game launch. Earn bragging rights by telling your friends you participated in the Closed Alpha of Marvel Rivals.

Marvel Rivals’ Closed Alpha is live with 19 characters. However, more characters have been leaked, but they are currently not playable. 


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