Here’s how to convert Valorant sens to CS2

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 6, 2023

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Counter-Strike 2 servers went live a week ago, and the game has already started roping in players from competitor FPS games, especially Valorant. If you’re new, here’s how to convert your Valorant sens to CS2.  

While both the games are pretty similar, movement in CS2 and Valorant is like night and day. In CS2, movement feels much lighter and smoother, facilitating jiggle peeking, counter-strafing, and many other stunts. In Valorant, however, the crosshair may feel a tad sluggish.

For this reason, most players have higher sensitivities in Valorant, which feels too swift when converted or tested in CS2. 

How to convert Valorant sens to CS2


Luckily, there’s a simple way to convert Valorant sens to CS2. You may use a sensitivity converter or do it yourself. Both ways are pretty simple. 

If your mouse DPI is the same for both games, you may use a simple mathematical formula to get your perfect sens in CS2. Find out your Valorant sensitivity and multiply it by 3.182. The product is your CS2 sensitivity. 

  • Valorant sens x 3.182 = Counter-Strike 2 sens

Use a credible sensitivity converter if you want even more accurate results without doing the math yourself. 

Convert Valorant sens to CS2 with a sensitivity convertor 

  • Go to gamingsmart.come
  • Put Valorant in the “convert from” box and CS2 in the “convert to”
  • Insert your existing DPI and sensitivity in Valorant 
  • The numerics in “Your Converted Sensitivity” is your new sens for CS2 
CS2 sensitivity converter

This is the simplest method to quickly transition to CS2 from Valorant without spending hours finding the perfect sensitivity.

Adjust CS2 sensitivity in the console

Once you have determined your converted CS2 sensitivity value, you can now adjust it in the game’s developer console. To access the developer console, follow these steps:

  • Launch CS2 and navigate to the options menu
  • Select the “Keyboard/Mouse” tab
  • Enable the developer console by clicking on the checkbox
  • Press the tilde key (~) to open the console during gameplay

To adjust your sensitivity, type the following command in the console: “sensitivity (figure)”

Add your CS2 sensitivity under the inverted commas. For example, if your converted sensitivity is 3.182, you would enter: “sensitivity 3.18.”

Test and fine-tune

After adjusting your CS2 sensitivity, it’s time to test it in-game. Play several matches to get a feel for the new sensitivity and make any necessary adjustments. Remember, finding the perfect sensitivity is subjective. It may take trial and error before finding what works best for you.


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