Here’s how to blow open Ascent’s B site with Yoru without help

Fariha Bhatti • January 17, 21:24

Valorant agents with flashes have always been a menace, but new agent Yoru overpowers them all with a kit that makes him possibly the deadliest duelist in the game right now. Not only that, but the 14th agent has upstaged Omen in terms of his ability to teleport. This combination gives Yoru the ability to pull off maneuvers no other agent can.

Opening bombsite B on Ascent is not an easy task. The narrow hallway could easily grant an ace to enemy Raze or Brimstone with one ultimate against a rush. However, it’s the easiest site to successfully defend post-plant, which is why attackers continue to look for ways to open B. Yoru’s toolkit allows him to tackle this problem in a unique way. 

How to use Yoru’s abilities on Ascent

Yoru is capable of singlehandedly getting inside Bomb point B on the attacking side. With a free signature Gatecrash ability and 200 creds worth of Blindside, the Japanese agent can push onto the site and flank the enemy team. 

For this lineup, stand on the right corner of B’s main entrance. Aim at the top of the house and use the Gatecrash ability. The glowing tether rift will take eight seconds to breeze into the Boathouse and finally hit the corner. Keep a close eye on the radar, and launch the flash following the same lineup as soon as the tether comes to a halt. Press the Gatecrash activation key right after deploying the flash. 

Yoru will teleport inside the Boathouse, a perfect spot to take down enemies defending B-site. Since Boathouse is a common camping spot for defenders, the flash will enable Yoru to safely teleport while enemies are blinded. From here, the stealth agent can take the enemies by surprise and gun them down. If the aim duel fails, the flash-teleport will distract enemies enough to weaken their defences on B-main, allowing others to get an easy entry.

Is Valorant agent Yoru better than Omen?  

Previously, Omen players could silently move inside B site with Sage’s assistance. Conversely, Yoru’s teleport lets him gain entry without any help. Unlike other duelists, the Yoru carries a tactical toolkit that requires practice and time. His abilities may not be as offensive as Raze or Jett, but his ability to set up finesse plays sets him apart from all other Valorant agents. 

It’s too early to say whether Yoru will dethrone Omen as the most-played agent. However, his interesting kit warrants a high pick rate among professional players. 


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