Here’s Elden Ring’s exact release time, how to preload on PC

By Kenneth Williams


Feb 21, 2022

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Elden Ring’s exact release time is quickly approaching, so here are the details on how to get ready by preloading on PC.

Just days before the official release of Elden Ring, FromSoftware has revealed the timeline for preloading the game on PC. Console players are already able to get the game’s files on their systems, but PC players will have to wait until just 48 hours before release to prepare. By revealing the preloading method and times, Elden Ring staff also incidentally revealed the exact release time for the anticipated open-world RPG.

How to pre-load Elden Ring

Pre-loading for Elden Ring available on console through either the Xbox Games Store or PlayStation Store, while PC players can pre-load the game through Steam 48 hours before the game’s release.

Preloading for PC will become available exactly 48 hours before the official release time. With an American release scheduled for February 24, that means that Elden Ring preloading will go live on the afternoon of February 22. Players should also make sure their computers can handle Elden Ring’s demanding specs before buying the newest Dark Souls-adjacent game.

To preload Elden Ring, gamers must first preorder the game on Steam. Preorders do not cost extra and includes a manual-esque adventure guide as well as early access to a special emote. Late on February 22, the preload option will become available through the Steam client.

Elden Ring’s exact release time on PC

Elden Ring will release across the globe on February 25 at 8 a.m. Japanese Standard Time.

This means that North and South America get the game on the night of February 24. Those on the east coast can expect a 6 p.m. release while Californians can play at 3 p.m. Central Europeans can look forward to a midnight release while anyone further east might want to wait until the morning of the 25th to play.

As with any online multiplayer game, it’s safe to expect that Elden Ring will have some server issues when it goes live. These problems will probably be separated by platform, but expect longer connection times and difficulty with Elden Ring’s multiplayer. Launching the game in offline mode after preloading can help mitigate these issues for those who want a smooth first experience.


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