Here’s how bots can help you practice strats in CSGO

Fariha Bhatti • January 15, 23:28

Valve’s recent removal of bots from competitive matches warrants their inefficiency. However, harmless bots may not be as futile as they make an excellent accessory to practice utility in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 

Bots are rumored to be worthless in competitive play. However, in offline servers, the robotic figures can help players master maps in the game. With the help of harmless bots, players can practice prefire spots and see how efficient their utility is before entering competitive battlegrounds. 

How to remove bots in CSGO

Create a practice server by picking “practice with bots” from the Play CSGO options. You’ll connect into a server with nine bots who may disrupt your practice. In order to tactically use them, players may want to remove bots entirely as testing requires only one bot in the server.

Private servers have adjustable settings that can be altered by putting “sv cheats 1” command, without quotes in the console. Activating cheats in offline servers will enable players to remove and add bots at will. Open the console and enter the “bot_kick” command. All the extra bots in the server will instantly disconnect, providing CSGO fans with a private map to rerun their tactics. They may add bots one by one to test out their tactics at desired spots. 

How to use bots for solo practice  

While there are servers dedicated to prefire and utility practice, private servers provide a much larger scope for players to discover new strategies, lineups, and executes. While there are servers dedicated to prefire and utility practice, private servers provide much larger scope for players to discover new strategies, lineups, and execute. Here’s how bots can be helpful in players’ solo practice sessions.  

Once players have removed the bots in CSGO, start adding them one by one at wanted positions. Enter bot_add t (or CT depends on a player’s team if you’re CT choose T), into the console to spawn a new player in your offline server. The newly added bot can act as a shooting target for pre-fire practice.

For example, stand on Mirage stairs on A site and place a bot on stairs by typing “place_bot” in console. This command will spawn a harmless bot right where players have placed their crosshair. From A main, players can practice a pre-fire angle on bot peeking at them from stairs. This is a common angle for Counter terrorists’ AWP when they’re defending A site. 

One way smokes can be a game-changer in competitive matches when deployed at the right spot. Bots in offline servers can help players test how effectively player smokes block the sight. For example, players can set a bot on the Counter-Terrorist phone booth, another common AWPer spot to try utility with a bot.

Players may also use “noclip” to see if new pop flashes successfully blind the bots or not. The harmless bots may help players create new smoke lineups and pop flashes across different maps, making players an asset to their team despite an average aim. 

By knowing one simple command, players can use bots in hundreds of different ways to discover new lineups and angles. Priming up team tactics before a match is crucial to winning a game in CSGO. An offline server allows players to revise their stats without the time and respawn restraints.

Deathmatch servers may help players hone up their aims for solo duels. However, practicing utility and understanding maps in an offline setting are great benefactors to an easy win. 


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