Here is the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character unlock order

By Olivia Richman


Jun 17, 2021

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You’ve heard the catchphrase “everyone is here,” but when you start playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you’ll only have eight fighters on your roster. These are the eight starting fighters from the original Super Smash Bros. on N64, including Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox, and Pikachu.

So how do you unlock the rest of the roster and bring that roster up to the 88 total characters in Smash Bros. Ultimate? Some people opt to go through Adventure or Classic modes, but if you want to build your roster by fighting with your friends, that’s also an option. After a match, you’ll sometimes have the option to fight a new challenger. 

If you win the one vs. one fight, the new fighter will be added to your roster. 

But how do you know which fighter will come next? There’s actually a set order that the new challengers will appear. 

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character unlock order

Smash challenger

Looking to unlock the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster by simply playing some matches against CPUs, Amiibos, or your friend? Here is the unlock order that fighters will appear. And remember, they won’t pop up after each and every match. 

  1. Ness
  2. Zelda
  3. Bowser
  4. Pit
  5. Inkling
  6. Villager
  7. Marth
  8. Young Link
  9. Wii Fit Trainer
  10. Ice Climbers
  11. Captain Falcon
  12. Peach
  13. Ryu
  14. Ike
  15. Jigglypuff
  16. King K. Rool
  17. Sonic
  18. Simon
  19. Zero Suit Samus
  20. Little Mac
  21. Isabelle
  22. Shulk
  23. Lucina
  24. Wario
  25. Ridley
  26. Pokémon Trainer
  27. Lucario
  28. Daisy
  29. Roy
  30. King Dedede
  31. R.O.B.
  32. Falco
  33. Luigi
  34. Pichu
  35. Richter
  36. Lucas
  37. Diddy Kong
  38. Meta Knight
  39. Snake
  40. Ganondorf
  41. Corrin
  42. Mega Man
  43. Bayonetta
  44. Toon Link
  45. Rosalina & Luma
  46. Incineroar 
  47. Sheik
  48. Olimar
  49. Pac-Man
  50. Dark Samus
  51. Wolf
  52. Mr. Game & Watch
  53. Robin
  54. Dark Pit
  55. Cloud
  56. Duck Hunt
  57. Ken
  58. Greninja
  59. Chrom
  60. Mewtwo
  61. Bowser Jr.
  62. Dr. Mario
  63. Palutena

If you have already unlocked one of the fighters on the above list, you’ll simply face the character next on the list. This will happen until all of them are unlocked. If you lose to a challenger, you will end up facing them again later on, so don’t worry about missing your chance. 

Other DLC fighters will be instantly unlocked when you purchase fighter passes. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate currently has two fighter passes with six characters each. The first fighter pass includes Joker, Hero, Banjo & Kazooie, Terry, and Byleth. The second fighter pass features Min Min, Steve, Sephiroth, and Pyra & Mythra.

A new fighter, Kazuya Mishima from Tekken, was revealed at the Nintendo Direct at E3 2021. It’s not clear when this fighter will be available. More information will come on June 28. From there, one more character will come out but it is unknown who it might be or when they will arrive.


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