maps in MultiVersus

Here is every MultiVersus map and what they’re based on

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 18, 2022

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MultiVersus has an iconic roster of extraordinary heroes and villains that are widely popular but the MultiVersus maps aren’t discussed as often. 

Player First Games’ crossover brawler is currently going through testing, and players love the game. The successful closed alpha created hype around the game, encouraging others to join the fun. The MultiVersus open beta is going live soon and while players are already familiar with nefarious Harley Quinn and Batman, what is their home turf in the game? 

MultiVersus will have different locations for players to battle it out in two-on-two combat. Here are all the maps in MultiVersus that you may want to learn before jumping into the open beta. 

All the maps in MultiVersus

MultiVersus has a total of five maps that are loosely based on characters in the game. Some of the locations include hazards that affect the gameplay. Players may want to familiarize themselves with each match to avoid taking unnecessary damage. 


The Batcave appears in MultiVersus as a playable map. Players can spot bits and pieces of Batman lore including vehicles, old costumes, and the giant penny.

MultiVersus Batcave

This map has an elevated point of battles on either side of the map, where a Batmobile is showcased in style. These platforms can be temporarily knocked down if a fighter is knocked into them. Hazards in Batcave include death-dealing bats and a sight-obscuring cloud of smoke. Players can skirt these dangers by keeping an eye on the Bat computer that plays an alert beforehand. 


Those who have dabbled in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will find it easy to adjust to Training. 

maps in MultiVersus

This practice map has three variations: Training, Training Room, and Classic 3 Platform. The three locations are created to suit the playstyle based on game modes. Two-on-two battles happen on the Classic 3 platform and Training Room, with different difficulties for each. The simpler Training room is reserved for one versus one practice. 

Tree Fort

Tree Fort is based on Finn and Jake’s tree house from Adventure Time. The cute two-story hut features a unique trampoline gimmick that helps horizontal characters get vertical. 

Multiversus Tree Fort

The trampoline huts aren’t just here for the show. The map has two levels the players can fight on, with the lower level surrounded by two tree branch-rooms that can be destroyed. The upper level features two small platforms the players can walk on. In one-on-one duels, the lower level disappears, but the destructible rooms remain.

Scooby’s Haunted Mansion

Scooby’s Haunted Mansion is based on the iconic Kingston Mansion with dim lights and a spooky hearth. 

Scooby's Haunted Mansion

Like the Batcave, this map also includes destructible walls on either side of the stage. It’s a single platform, but the hazards are deadly. The bottom turns into a lethal pit if the walls are attacked, making this simple location much trickier. 

Trophy’s E.D.G.E.

After rolling out maps themed on characters like Batcave and haunted mission, the developer squeezed in several references in Trophy E.D.G.E to celebrate the remaining heroes. 

MultiVersus maps

Trophy E.D.G.E pays homage to Wonder Woman, Game of Thrones, Looney Tunes, Green Lantern, and more. It also has two pillars on either end of the map that move back and forth.


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