Here are all the abilities of Kiriko, the newest Overwatch 2 hero

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 15, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

After a string of leaks, Blizzard has now formally revealed Kiriko as the next support hero coming to Overwatch 2 on launch. 

Overwatch 2 will be released with three new heroes and new content locked in a stacked battle pass. Players have had plenty of time to familiarize themselves with Sojourn and Junker Queen through the betas, but Blizzard decided to roll out Kiriko with the game’s release. This means all players must start fresh to learn the complex kit of the support hero, who’s rumored to have a steep learning curve.

Kiriko was leaked as a fox-girl with a toolkit that sets up her DPS and tank allies for success. It turns out the leaks were spot on. Blizzard has finally unveiled Kiriko, and her abilities may cause players to break a sweat.

What are the abilities of Kiriko? 

Kiriko is the first support hero in Overwatch 2, becoming the third new character in the game. The Japanese healer is a medic with high damage potential, but learning her won’t be easy. Kiriko is inspired by Overwatch’s most complex DPS Genji, who was trained by Kiriko’s mother alongside Hanzo.

Primary Fire: Healing Ofuda 

Kiriko sends out up to 10 slow-moving slips of paper that deliver a small amount of healing over time. She can release two Ofudas at once, which means she can fire five healing bursts before having to reload. However, the healing doesn’t reach teammates instantly, so they must anticipate incoming danger and get to safety until Ofudas have arrived. 

Secondary Fire: Kunai 

Kunai is the ultimate antidote for big-headed Tanks. Kiriko brings blades that deal critical hits with a headshot, but the damage spread is relatively low. Don’t expect instant kills if you’re aiming for the body. Still, this lethal ability makes Kiriko a strong support with the potential to outplay a DPS. 

Ability 1: Swift Step 

Kiriko isn’t a regular healer. The hero can teleport to her allies across large distances to send out Ofuda. She can also TP through walls and solid surfaces to assist teammates in their duels. This is a valuable power that makes Kiriko one of the most mobile heroes in Overwatch 2.

Ability 2: Protection Suzu

Protection Suzu is all about timing. This ability creates a field of security for Kiriko and their allies, where they become invincible to attacks for a brief time. However, the hero must time it perfectly to dodge an incoming danger. 

Passive: Wall Climb

Kiriko’s history with Hanzo and Genji becomes noticeable in her ability to climb vertical surfaces. This ability further strengthens her position as one of the most mobile heroes. Using wall climb, Kiriko can scale vertical surfaces, reaching odd angles and areas. 

Ultimate: Kitsune Rush 

Kiriko’s ultimate is inspired by her spiritual fox that creates a path of torii in front of her teammates, granting everyone with a buff. Kiriko’s teammates gain increased movement speed, attack speed, reload speed, and cooldown reduction.