Head coach Guerri plans on expanding Furia’s CSGO roster

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 24, 2020

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Furia’s head coach Nicholas “guerri” Nogueira has revealed his plan to expand Furia’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster after a thorough evaluation of the six-man team format.

Team Furia was a dark horse that has shone during the online era of CSGO, making its way into the world’s top 10 ranked teams. The Brazilian organization reached this milestone with a sturdy squad of five. However, the team’s head coach plans to expand the roster to achieve even better results. 

Guerri revealed that he has been studying about an expanded CSGO team to implement the changes to his team effectively.

“After seeing the changes in some orgs, I decided to thoroughly study the format of 6 or more players. I concluded that is the future of CS, with the support of FURIA we’ll implement it in the next few months.” Guerri tweeted

Many organizations are now trending towards the six-man format due to the increasing cases of player burnouts. Most recently, Ninjas in Pyjamas’ Tim “nawwk” Jonasson was put on medical leave due to the symptoms of stress. These cases of burnout have become the norm, prompting competing organizations to make necessary changes. 

Guerri wants Furia to follow in Astralis’ footsteps 

The extended roster had been at the centre of discussion for quite some time especially after Astralis introduced a permanently expanded team by recruiting Patrick “es3tag” Hansen.

Guerri mentioned the positive changes in some organizations, which could be a hint towards Astralis’ stellar comeback after a torrid time. The Danish team was kicked out of the top 10 due to abrupt player changes following burnout issues. However, the team powered through and reclaimed their spot in a short time. This smooth recovery could be attributed to successful roster shuffles and new player backups. 

Astralis inspired the head coach of Furia, as this is not the first time he has discussed the matter publicly. While discussing his interest in acquiring a sixth player in his team, Guerri commented specifically on Astralis’ team structure. 

“But it’s a cultural change, not a game-related change. In general, CS players aren’t ready for that. You see Astralis doing that because they are at the top of the world and they are ready for that, culturally speaking,” Guerri said in the Early Game podcast.

Furia has been comfortably sitting in the top 10 world rankings for months now. Their stable position could imply that they may be ready to add a sixth man. The coach also mentioned that his team likes the idea of expanding the roster. 

Guerri plans to announce these modifications in Furia’s team structure in the coming months. 


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