Halo TV show

Halo TV show boasts record viewership despite fan controversy

By Olivia Richman


Mar 31, 2022

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The Halo TV show received negative feedback from longtime fans of the game series but that didn’t stop curious gamers from tuning in.

Halo now stands as Paramount+’s most-watched series premiere worldwide within 24 hours of its release. No viewership numbers were made public by Paramount+ but it should be noted that Yellowstone prequel 1883 drew in nearly 5 million viewers when it aired on the same network.

Halo debuted on March 24, bringing the iconic Xbox shooter to life. According to network executives, it has been a major boon for Paramount+, with chief programming officer Tanya Giles saying it’s been “one of the most rewarding efforts for Paramount+ to date,” thanking fans for the response.

“Along with our phenomenal partners at Showtime, 343 Industries, and Amblin Television, we cannot wait for fans to experience more of this incredible universe,” Giles said.

Halo has already been renewed for a second season thanks to the success of the premier.

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What is the Halo TV series about?

The Halo TV show stars Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief, the iconic protagonist of the Halo video game series. While inspired by the Halo universe and its lore, the series is meant to be a standalone entity taking place in an alternate universe.

The first episode takes place in 2442 after the Covenant attacked an Insurrectionist outpost on a planet called Madrigal. Everyone was wiped out except a teenager named Kwan Ha. As Spartans of Silver Team arrive on the scene, Master Chief is nearby retrieving an artifact that displays some mysterious symbols.

It becomes clear that it’s connected to his childhood in some way. Kwan refuses to cooperate and Master Chief is ordered to kill her. In response, he goes rogue and even shows Kwan his face.

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Master Chief showing his face in the series had many Halo players frustrated. The iconic character is yet to be officially unmasked after 20 years. This took away a lot of the charm and mystery behind Master Chief. Fans also didn’t like the slow pacing and generic plot, while others felt it was too far removed from the source material. Aside from a few fight scenes in the first episode, the other elements felt foreign to longtime fans of Halo.


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