Halo Infinite Season 3

Halo Infinite Season 3 bringing highly anticipated updates

By Olivia Richman


Apr 23, 2022

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Halo Infinite players have been concerned about the first-person shooter’s lack of content, but the game’s developers claim to already have some big content for Season 3 in the works.

Halo Infinite Season 2 is just around the corner, introducing Lone Wolves to the Halo community. While it has some upcoming skin concepts that fans are already anticipating, the promise of a few maps hasn’t been enough to quell concerns about the game’s lack of content updates.

343 Industries has acknowledged some of the game’s post-launch issues and has recently revealed some information about Season 3. There is a lot in the works for Halo Infinite, according to developers.

When is Halo Infinite Season 3 coming?

Lone Wolves is wrapping up in November. Halo Infinite Season 3 will begin right after, launching on November 8. This means that Halo developers are continuing the game’s pattern of seasons that last many months, allowing players to complete the Battle Pass without an intense grind.

Making Season 2 six months long is a risk for Halo developers, with fans already finding the decision a bit peculiar and some even expressing exhaustion with the long season times.

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What is coming to Halo Infinite in Season 3?

Campaign splitscreen

343 Industries announced that splitscreen co-op is finally coming to Halo Infinite. This was a feature that fans wanted since the game launched last year.

While there is currently no specific date for the couch co-op mode launch, developers have stated it’s planned for August. Split-screen won’t be available until Season 3, however, and this could mean 2023 since each season lasts for several months. Season 3 is set to launch in November.

Forge open beta

Another disappointment with Halo Infinite has been the lack of Forge mode. Forge allows players to create custom Halo maps and experiences for others in the community to experience. The extensive mode’s open beta is currently listed for September, but now developers have noted that it could be coming even later when Season 3 gets underway. While getting an update on the mode is exciting, fans have been far less excited by the potential delay.

More Halo Infinite Season 3 updates

While campaign co-op and Forge are the biggest updates on fans’ minds, Season 3 promises other changes to Halo Infinite as well. A new map is one of the hinted updates, but 343 Industries has yet to reveal any specific information about the supposed map.

In fact, most other information regarding Season 3 is still a mystery. It still seems that developers are attempting to keep fans more up-to-date about upcoming content following community concerns.


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