Hall of Whisper

Hall of Whispers in Fortnite: Where is it and how to get there

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 30, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Can’t find the The Hall of Whispers in Fortnite? Here’s the exact location and how to travel from Secluded Spire to the Hall of Whispers without touching the water. 

Fortnitemares is an annual in-game event in the popular video game Fortnite, which debuted in 2017. This event typically takes place around Halloween and is known for introducing special Halloween-themed content and challenges to the game. One of the Fortnitemares quests this year requires players to travel from one spot to another. Sounds simple, right? Well, there’s a slight twist. 

There’s a stream between the two locations that players must cross, but swimming or walking isn’t an option. Players must travel to the Hall of Whispers without touching the water in order to claim the 15,000 XP reward. 

Where is the Hall of Whispers in Fortnite? 

The Hall of Whispers in Fortnite is southwest of Brutal Bastion, as shown on the map. The Secluded Spire is southwest of Slappy Shores, which would be your starting spot. 

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The points are separated by some water, and here’s how you can cross it. First, jump out of the battle bus at point #1, which is the Secluded Spire, and then follow one of these methods: 

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  • Building material: Grab plenty of building materials and create objects to make your way across without touching the water
  • Locate a Rocket Ram: Shoot yourself towards the other side by using a Rocket Ram. But you’ll need to find it first and add it to your inventory
  • Add a stack of Crash Pad Jrs.: This is another way to launch yourself towards the Hall of Whisper
  • Walk over Bridge: Zero Build players can walk over the bridge towards the other side

Once you’ve crossed the stream, you will receive the “Quest Complete” Fortnite notification along with 15K XP as a reward.