No Room For Abuse campaign

No Room For Abuse reveals most female gamers experience abuse

By Olivia Richman


May 25, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

What’s it really like to be a woman in gaming? Esports org Guild Esports decided to reveal the horrifying truth in a campaign called No Room For Abuse.

In partnership with Sky UK, Guild Esports announced the campaign earlier today, stating that the purpose is to create “inclusive gaming environments” through awareness. According to Guild Esports, female gamers face “gender-based verbal harassment” while playing online that has held them back from communicating, excelling, and feeling safe.

The social media campaign began today, using a hashtag #NoRoomForAbuse. A media and influencer launch also occurred at the Sky Guild Gaming Centre in London.

“Improving opportunities for women in esports is a key commitment of our partnership with Sky,” Guild Esports CEO Jasmine Skee said .”While there’s still work to be done, we’re proud to be at the forefront of fostering greater female participation in the sector and creating an inclusive gaming community. We hope that by raising awareness of the abuse affecting female gamers through our #NoRoomForAbuse campaign, alongside a collective effort of support and education, we can make real progress in creating a better gaming experience for all.”

Female gamers abuse and harassment statistics

To help spread awareness on launch day, a simulation room was set up that showed non-female gamers what it’s like to play as a woman in an online game. While playing a first-person shooter, participants were subjected to recreations of actual verbal harassment women have reported receiving in online games.

While this helped men better understand how debilitating and upsetting the constant abuse can be, Guild Esports also wanted women to share their own experiences. A survey of 4,000 gamers revealed some shockingly upsetting statistics:

  • 49% of female gamers have experienced some level of abuse or harassment when playing or streaming online, rising to 75% for those aged 18-24
  • 35% of those surveyed said they had received violent messages, and 80% said the messages are often sexual in nature
  • 27% feared being attacked in real life following threats made on gaming platforms
  • 25% said that the abuse had led to feelings of depression, and more than 10% said it gave them suicidal thoughts

“While online gaming is known to foster community and many positive online connections, more must be done to ensure it is fully inclusive and a haven for all. The results of this research are shocking and should alarm the gaming community,” Sky Broadband managing director Amber Pine said. “It is completely unacceptable for this type of sexist abuse to be so prevalent. Guild and Sky are determined to improve the experience for women in gaming. We’re calling on players to become allies and stand with us to make clear there is no room for abuse in gaming.”

Added influencer Stephanie Ijoma: “As women, the abuse we receive on a daily basis is simply unacceptable, which is why campaigns like this are so important to challenge the gaming community to become part of the change. It’s crucial that we work together in making the online gaming world safer for women as there is absolutely no room for abuse.”


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