Guide to smokes, grenades, and molotovs on the new Cache

By Steven Rondina


Oct 15, 2019

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The updated version of Cache has arrived on the Steam Workshop. Though it is not yet available in any official matchmaking modes, fans have already downloaded the map and started developing best practices for the map.

The Cache update didn’t completely overhaul the map, but it did implement a few key changes that implement new methods of holding and defending portions of the map. This also changed how to best handle specific situations that will shift how players will allott their utility.

The meta will likely shift over the coming months but a number of useful smoke and molotov spots have been discovered that will give player an early advantage.

Biggest changes in the Cache update


While the Cache update was primarily visual, adding a lot of color to one of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s grayest maps, there are still a few major gameplay changes to the map that should change how the bombsites are attacked, defended, and retaken.

The biggest change to the updated Cache is a new window in the Z-shaped hallway that connects the CT spawn to mid. The elevated vantage point gives the CT side a new way to defend the center of the map. It has a ladder and scaffolding that offers wide vision over the area, but a sniper can also enlist a teammate for a boost that offers a significantly safer angle to watch over the boost spot on the T side of mid.

There is also a new ledge in mid that allows players to effectively use the self-boost as a defensive tool for watching over the entrance to mid from the T side, as well as an offensive tool for flanking players in A main.

The A bombsite also received several changes including a box across from truck that serves as cover for the CT side and a lowered wall along the perimeter to enable more utility options during retakes. On the B side, the roof over checkers was opened up, allowing for smokes to be thrown out towards both the site and towards mid, as well as into the area directly.

The map is still very new, so these changes have not yet been fully explored and new smokes and molotovs are likely to be discovered with time. Still, a few new grenade spots have already been discovered and many will remain in place from the original version of Cache, which should allow for more effective takes and retakes for knowledgeable players.

Important smoke, grenades, and molotovs for mid on updated Cache


Players are already finding strong grenade setups to attack each area. Most of these are holdovers from the original version of Cache, but there are some new ones, particularly in the mid area.

The window to mid and the removal of the roof over checkers provides a number of new ways to both attack and defend the area.

How to molotov mid window from T spawn

The new mid window is a complete game-changer for the Cache update and players will ultimately find many different ways to both attack and defend from it. T players that want to shut it down completely can do so with a low-angle molotov from outside T spawn. It’s a tricky shot given the small size of the window and the potential for the molotov detonating in air, but it’s an invaluable one that can effectively guarantee progression into mid if used alongside a couple of well-placed smokes.

T side smoke to block Z connector

The smoke from T spawn to the exit from the Z-shaped connector between CT spawn and mid remains in place. By lining up based on the crosswalk paint by CT spawn, T players can bounce a grenade off the back wall into the entrance in order to obstruct the view of AWPers watching for both boosted players and for players entering from T-side garage.

T side smoke to block white box

The CT side relies on the white box for effectively defending mid, but a well-placed smoke can block off vision completely, both towards the main entrance and the vent. This isn’t a new smoke, but it’s an incredibly valuable one for attacking mid and as such every player should be aware of it.

CT side checkers to mid main garage

The most interesting new grenades stem from the hole placed in the roof over checkers. The high-angle trajectory precludes players from using it for molotovs, but it can still be used to set up pop flashes at mid. More importantly, there is a valuable new smoke that can be used to block off the T-side mid main entrance from garage.

By throwing it from the proper angle, CTs can create an obstruction that makes entering the area much trickier. This was previously dangerous, as smoking the spot off could only be done from mid. The new smoke allows players to help teammates playing mid without sacrificing much position on the B bombsite.

Revised A-side bombsite necessitates lots of new smokes


The A bombsite was given a fairly significant overhaul. The widened area between the site and truck alongside the new box necessitates a revised approach to utility usage. Though there is still a fair bit of crossover, there are many new spots that require consideration.

Block off A box smoke

The new box provides cover and a strong angle against opponents attacking A main. That said, a well-placed smoke grenade can force players to concede that cover or take a less advantageous angle.

Smoke between forklift and APC provides important cover for T

The center of the A bomb site used to have a massive shipping crate at the center of it and a smoke grenade between it and forklift gave cover for attackers looking to make a plant. That crate has been turned into an armored personnel carrier, but the grenade remains the same and can be hit from outside the pathway to squeaky door.

Smoke grenade to set up A-side bomb plant

The widened pathway outside truck doesn’t just offer more options for attacking A main. It also offers options for defending the bomb site. Running along the wall by truck gives vision across almost the entire bomb site. Because of this, a smoke grenade between the wall and boxes is necessary for planing the bomb almost anywhere outside of the default plant areas.

New molotovs added for retakes of A site

Retakes were sometimes brutal for the CT side on Cache. Time will tell how thoroughly that has been addressed with this latest update to the map, but there are certainly more options available to CT players. One such option is a new molotov to quad from the truck. By banking the grenade off the back wall, players can be flushed out from deeper within.

Smoke to block off A main for CT side

This one isn’t new and has always been useful, but combined with some of the new angles and utility options it is worth reconsidering. CTs can block off A main with straightforward throws from quad or truck, but they can also hit a bank shot off the boost named after retired pro Michael “shroud” Grzesiek.

Cache plays similarly in new B bombsite


While mid and the A bombsite have been changed up quite a bit, the B bombsite is quite similar both structurally and in terms of how utility should be used. The biggest addition is a new lamppost over the doorway towards the site from checkers that offers an extra vantage point, with the risk of being wall banged from B main. Offsetting this is lowered damage reduction when wallbanging into checkers through the gate next to the ramp to heaven.

B main smoke to set up checkers push

An old trick that still works wonderfully. Terrorists can bounce smoke grenades off the wall in B main to smoke off the bombsite’s primary entrance. While that weakens their ability to quickly push into the site, it also allows them to safely advance into checkers.

Smoking off the tree room on the T side

Sun room remains incredibly important for setting up pushes to the B bombsite. By shooting out the window to the site, players can block off or clear out strong angles using smokes and molotovs. One of the most important components to a proper B push is to smoke off tree room, forcing CTs defending there to either push out or to quickly sprint up to heaven. The setup remains the same after the update.

Molotov to clear headshot

The ledge around the B bombsite remains a strong angle for players trying to enter through B main or cross. This can be cleared out using a molotov from sun room tossed in through the window.


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