Guangzhou’s Happy isn’t impressed with Carpe’s Widowmaker

Olivia Richman • July 26, 12:00

It’s safe to say the Guangzhou Charge are enjoying the 2-2-2 role lock after their win over Philadelphia Fusion on the first night of Stage 4. And nobody is probably enjoying it more than Jung-woo “Happy” Lee, a Widowmaker main who was feeling quite confident after the match. 

Happy spoke with about what it takes to be a good Widowmaker, and why Jae-hyeok “Carpe” Lee isn’t as good as people say he is. 

How did you feel about the win today against the Philadelphia Fusion? 


What were your feelings going into the match? 

How can I explain… I knew that we were going to win. But I didn’t expect to have this close a match. I thought it was going to be an easy win. 

Why is that? 

Because in this meta, we’re really good. But now we have to be a bit more humble. 

Were there any moments that you were most proud of? 

Volskaya, because I got all the headshots on the enemy. 

How was it playing Widowmaker against Carpe? 

I think that Carpe’s not that good! He’s just not that good on Widow. 

He is known for his Widowmaker play.

It’s a bubble. A bubble that’s going to pop. 

The Charge were already playing with a lot of DPS in Stage 3. How do you feel about the 2-2-2 lock? 

In Stage 3, we used DPS while the opponent would use GOATS. Now that it’s 2-2-2, it’s all about the mechanical skills. It’s not about the composition. It’s not about the countering. It’s just the skills. 

So do you feel the 2-2-2 lock will benefit the Charge? 

Yes, of course! 

You were also playing Widowmaker a lot in Stage 3. Do you feel she’ll be more effective in this current meta? 

I’m not sure yet. But I think she will be. Widowmaker is good. 

What does it take to be a good Widowmaker player? 

Aim, just the basic stuff. It’s about flanking, going around the team. If you’re playing a lot, you’ll get the sense of it. The abilities are also really important. 

What made you decide to main Widowmaker? 

I really love snipers. Ana and Widowmaker, but rather than healing, I want to kill. 

What other Widowmaker players are you looking forward to playing against in Stage 4? 

NYXL’s Pine. 

Do you think you’re the best Widowmaker right now? 

Yes, I am! 

Which other heroes are you hoping to play this stage? 

I can’t tell you that yet. 

Fair enough! What is your team’s goal for Stage 4? 

Of course, everyone knows it, we have to get to the playoffs.

Does your team have what it takes? 



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