GTA Online Street Drug Dealers’ locations

By Melany Moncada


Feb 23, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

GTA Online added Street drug dealers, a new feature that will benefit players who are running Nightclubs, Motorcycle clubs, and Acid Labs. Here are the locations for the three street drug dealers in GTA Online.

The street drug dealers in GTA Online appear every day, and players can interact with all three of them. Players can sell their products for a higher value, increasing the income they get from their drug businesses.

The final price for the product will change every day based on different conditions. Starting with the amount players are selling, the more units, the higher the payout. Every day, a different drug becomes the premium drug of the day. Premium drugs sell for a higher price.

Acid and Weed have the highest probability of being the premium drug of the day. Cocaine has the highest maximum possible payout, with meth in second place. Different dealers have different preferences for certain items. The more you interact with them, the easiest it will become to prepare for the transaction.

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Street drug dealers locations in GTA Online

The location changes every day in an attempt to avoid the police.

On the map, the street dealer will show up as a purple chat bubble. Approach them to sell the product. There is a limited amount that you can sell per dealer, and the prices will change based on the dealer’s gang. The amounts that you can sell products are:

  • Cocaine, one unit
  • Meth, two units
  • Weed, ten units
  • Acid, ten units

Some gangs prefer one product over others and are willing to pay more for those. For example, the Rednecks and the Street Punks preferred weed, while the Kkangapae preferred meth.

The street dealers spawn three at a time in one of 30 possible locations each. So far, only 18 of the locations have been used.

The Rednecks are using the following locations:

  • House on the corner of Route 68 Approach and Joshua Road, Harmony
  • Sandy’s Gas Station, Sandy Shores
  • Eastern Motel, Harmony
  • Foreclosed North Alamo Pier, Alamo Sea

The Hippies can be found at:

  • Trailer outside of Thomson Scrapyard, Grand Senora Desert

The Vagos are operating from:

  • Raven Slaughterhouse, Cypress Flats
  • La Mesa, Poplar Street

The Families are using these locations:

  • BJ Smith Recreational Center, Chamberlain Hills
  • Bilingsgate Motel, Rancho

The Armenian Mob is operating from:

  • Papa Surf, Vespucci Beach

The Lost MC can be found at:

  • Ray-n-Mays Up-n-Atom Burger Diner, Procopio Truck Stop

The Kkangpae spawn at:

  • Decker Park, Little Seoul
  • Service Bay at Rockford Plaza, Burton

Street Racers operate from:

  • Benefactor-Gallivanter Dealership, Downtown Vinewood

The Street Punks can be found at:

  • Maze Bank Arena, La Puerta
  • RON and 24/7, Lago Zancudo

The Ballas operate from:

  • Wup et Dux and Luxury Autos, Rockford Hills

The Madrazo Cartel can be found at:

  • Palmer-Taylor Power Station

At least 12 more locations should be revealed in the following weeks to complete the list of 30. The rotation of locations is random, so it is not possible to predict which dealer you are getting next.