Greedent nerfs highlight new Pokemon Unite balance update

By Christian Vejvad


Nov 12, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Pokemon Unite continues to push balance updates to the game as the playable Pokemon roster expands with the recent release of Greedent and the upcoming release of Decidueye. 

In this newest balance update, Pokemon Unite made changes to quite a few Pokemon, but one specifically was in focus. It was new melee defender Greedent who got some big changes, most of them being nerfs to its strong kit. Greedent also got a single buff to make up for it, as well as a few bug fixes. 

Pokemon Unite also used this balance update to buff Alolan Ninetales in an attempt to get the Pokemon back in the right spot. This was done by reducing the cooldown on Blizzard and increasing its damage to Pokemon. Another lucky winner was Gardevoir who got a “move upgrade” on Psychic. 

Greeds nerfs in Pokemon Unite update

For the Greedent nerfs, these were without a doubt what took up the most space in the latest patch notes. The new Pokemon has come off to a great start in the game and that will now result in some nerfs. 

The first nerf given to Greedent is for its Cheek Pouch, which has gotten its amount of health restored from berries decreased. Developers also lengthened the cooldown on Belch and given the move a decrease to its damage against opposing Pokemon. 

The last move to get a nerf is Stuff Cheeks, as its shielding effect has been weakened. To make up for all these changes, Greedent’s Bullet Seed has been buffed so it now deals more damage to opposing Pokemon. These changes could mean that Greedent players will have to consider a new build path in the future. 

To get some bugs out of the way, there has also been a bug fix to Greedent’s Covet and Unite Move Berry Belly Flop. The new update is currently live on the Pokemon Unite servers for players to try out. 


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