Greedent coming to Pokemon Unite in Halloween Festival event

By Steven Rondina


Oct 18, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The next playable Pokemon in Pokemon Unite is Greedent.

Halloween has always been big deal in Pokemon GO, and that’s now the case for Pokemon Unite as well. The Halloween Festival will bring a bunch of new content to Pokemon Unite players, with a lot more set to come out alongside the berry-loving Pokemon.

The official Pokemon Unite Twitter released a trailer that included footage of Greedent in action.

Only a few moves were shown for Greedent. One of them is likely Bullet Seed, which deals AOE damage over time in a line. The direction of the AOE is fixed, but Greedent is capable of moving while still firing shots.

Greedent also has a defensive move that will allow it to tank enemy attacks without taking any damage. Finally, its Unite Move is looking to be a giant belly flop that deals damage and stuns enemies in a huge AOE. Given what was shown in this trailer and how Greedent is used in Pokemon Sword and Shield, odds are that the Pokemon will be a defender.

Pokemon Unite’s Halloween Festival adds skins, new game mode

The Halloween Festival will be adding a lot more than just Greedent. A boatload of skins for both Pokemon and trainers are set to be added.

The highlight is a new holowear for Lucario modeled after vampire hunter characters with a black hat and cape. Players will also have plenty of new ways to accessorize for the season. A Pikachu jack o’lantern hat, a jack o’lantern backpack, and various witch and vampire-themed outfits are set to be added.

Several other Pokemon are also set to receive skins that aren’t Halloween-themed. Charizard is also getting a new holowear that will keep him warm for the winter with a beanie and scarf, with Slowbro getting a sweater and cap of its own. A firefighter Blastoise skin is also coming alongside a “space style” Eldegoss adorned with stars.

Alongside the skins, a new game mode looks set to come to Pokemon Unite. The trailer didn’t make it especially clear what this includes but it might be some sort of mode that has one player against an entire team, similar to Overwatch’s Yeti Hunter game mode.

When is Greedent coming to Pokemon Unite?

Greedent is likely arriving in Pokemon Unite on October 20.

Greedent in Pokemon Journeys

The chunky squirrel is officially being released in Pokemon Unite as part of the Halloween Festival event, which runs from October 20 to November 7. Odds are that all of the content attached to the event will drop in one big update, rather than being staggered out across three weeks.