Dr Disrespect Midnight Society

Get your 1st look at Dr Disrespect’s new game, Deadrop

By Kenneth Williams


Jul 30, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Formerly known as Project Moon, Deadrop is the multiplayer shooter that Herschel “Dr DisRespect” Beahm IV dreams about playing in front of thousands of viewers.

After months of anticipation, Midnight Society has finally revealed the official name of its upcoming debut. Deadrop presents a new spin on the genre as a “vertical escape shooter.” According to early rumors, it could be a mix of battle royale mixed with the high-stakes mission concept of Escape From Tarkov. The developer has also released a private tech demo available to early supporters. Officially titled Snapshot_CL 1859, the beta gives a first look at movement, weapons, and graphics.

The name change was revealed during a special Deadrop founders event hosted by Dr DisRespect. The event showed a first look at gameplay, including the reveal of its highly touted graphics. Considering that players are recommended to have at least 32 gigabytes of RAM to play, it was expected to look stunning.

Deaddrop level

On top of that, Dr Disrespect also unveiled plans to host a special preview of Deadrop. Midnight Society will run a single-player tech demo for the game with functioning weapons and environments. It will not feature multiplayer or any core game modes, but it gives fans a hands-on look at the anticipated title. Midnight Society developers also say that community feedback will help design the full game.

How to join the beta for Deadrop, Dr DisRespect’s battle royale

To join the first snapshot beta for Deadrop, players will need to own an NFT from Midnight Society. Owners, called Variants, can download the beta from the Midnight Society website.

Specifically, interested gamers will need to own a Founder Access Pass. Applications for the NFT series are currently closed, so only Series 0 owners will have access to this initial preview. Midnight Society has previously announced intentions to release a new snapshot every six weeks, so people eager for the next look should try to get in before September.

Blog post image

The beta itself is barebones, but functioning. Once downloaded and installed, players can roam around a futuristic warehouse with multiple stories to explore. Stylized mannequins appear as training dummies, which players can use to test the only firearm in the game. The gun is a fully automatic rifle with iron sights. It has only one firing animation and very rough handling animations, but it functions.

Only Midnight Society NFT holders can play the Deadrop tech demo, but future beta tests could become available for people without blockchain collectibles. While extensive NFT integration is planned for the game, Dr DisRespect has been clear that it is entirely optional. The next few snapshots will likely remain exclusive to NFT owners.


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