GeT_RiGhT joins mousesports as sub, plays first post-NiP match

By Nick Johnson


Oct 29, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Ex-Ninjas in Pyjamas star Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund stepped in to help out fellow Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team Mousesports’ today when Robin “ropz” Kool was unable to play in the team’s scheduled ECS match against

According to a tweet from ropz, he was forced out of the game due to “travel complications,” necessitating a stand-in for today’s match against VP. This came alongside a photo finish for in-game leader Finn “karrigan” Andersen, who flew in just in time for the game.

“Travelling home from Turkey today, I’m landing 30 minutes before our game starts in ECS, hopefully no delays. I’m still sick and we are using GeT_RiGhT as stand-in today instead of ropz, who is unable to play. So that’s all my excuses for today’s game,” karrigan said.

The match wasn’t a lowkey affair, either. The best-of-three series was a quarterfinal showdown to determine which team would continue forward towards the ECS Season 8 Finals in Arlington, Texas.

Mousesports, GeT_RiGhT underwhelm against Virtus.Pro during ECS quarterfinal

Unfortunately for both Mousesports and GeT_RiGhT, neither the German organization nor Alesund played well today, losing the semifinal match to 2-0.

While GeT_RiGhT didn’t play his best Counter-Strike, neither did the rest of the actual Mousesports team. Over two maps, only Özgür “woxic“ Eker had a positive K/D.

In a match devoid of highlights, woxic executed a masterfully aggressive A-site defense on Mirage. Unfortunately, would close out the game the next round.

With little support, GeT_RiGhT performs admirably in loss

GeT_RiGhT far from the worst player on the server for Mousesports tonight, as both karrigan and Chris “chrisJ” de Jong posted ratings lower than their Swedish stand-in. While his Overpass looked shaky, GeT_RiGhT’s Mirage play was more much solid.

Karrigan took to Twitter after the game and stated that maybe someone should have stood in for him, while GeT_RiGhT seemed disappointed in his performance.

“That was horrible…Thanks for using me however, Mousesports. Sucks to be not helping at all, though,” GeT_RiGhT said.

GeT_RiGhT says “no” to retirement after Ninjas in Pyjamas

The Swede’s future in the CSGO scene remains uncertain after his benching from the NiP roster on September 26. Since that time, the storied player has spent his time streaming CSGO on his Twitch channel.

When his removal from the team was announced, GeT_RiGhT was overcome with emotion when viewers in his Twitch chat expressed their support for him. “I’ve expressed myself for the last 3 months that I wasn’t even thinking of retiring and I’m not going to either. To the next adventure,” GeT_RiGhT said.

There’s still no word on whether anyone has reached out to the 29-year-old player, but unless he’s changed his mind fans can still look forward to his return.