Gen.G s0m “didn’t even notice” dropping 50 frags in DH Anaheim final

By Nick Johnson


Feb 24, 2020

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Gen.G managed to win its first international tournament at DreamHack Open Anaheim, overcoming a field that included such big names as MiBR, ENCE, and Complexity.

Gen.G swept Brazilian opponent FURIA in the grand final to seal the win. That 2-0 series victory completed a dominant run for Gen.G that saw the recently completed roster win every map played at the event, potentially setting the North American side up for a big 2020 in CSGO.

Gen.G won easily on Nuke in the first game of the grand final. The second game on Inferno went to overtime, but Gen.G firmly regained control in that overtime period to secure the team’s first trophy. caught up with tournament MVP Sam “s0m” Oh after the match at the Anaheim Convention Center, with his new trophy freshly in hand.

This is your first big win with your new roster at the team’s first LAN. After all the practice and qualifiers, did you feel nervous on stage in the grand final?

s0m: I wasn’t really that nervous during the match, especially on Inferno. We took Nuke pretty easily, but we knew once we hit 15 rounds that we had the win. Especially when we went into overtime. We got our money reset to $16K [after struggling with money late in the game]. 

It got nerve-wracking at the end with FURIA attempting a comeback in the second game. Were you sure your team could take it in overtime?

They got the better of us on their T side, but once we had the money we knew we could beat them. We felt confident that in full gun rounds we could take them any time. With 16K [economy] overtimes, you can do that.

You ended up dropping 50 kills over the two maps. That’s an impressive stat for your first LAN event with the team.

[Laughing] Yeah, I didn’t even notice until afterwards. I was focused on my game.

What’s up next for Gen.G, and what are you looking forward to the most with the team?

Well, we’ve got Flashpoint and the closed Minor qualifiers coming up. I’m honestly more excited about the Minor qualifiers. You make the Minor, that’s the first step to the Major.


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