Gen.G opens new training facility for CoD, Fortnite, and Apex teams

By Hunter Cooke


Jul 25, 2019

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Gen.G has completed construction on a 13,000 square foot practice facility in Los Angeles.

The facility will be home to the Gen.G Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Apex Legends teams. The Seoul Dynasty, and Overwatch League franchise also owned by Gen.G, will practice at the facility before moving to Korea for the upcoming third season of the OWL. It’s to be the first season in which teams will compete primarily out of their home regions.

The facility is looking to be top-notch and even includes sleep pods for napping during the day. Players will be housed in luxury apartments close to the facility in order to maintain  healthier work-life balance. 40 of Gen.G’s combined 100 employees and athletes will clock in at the facility. It will feature three practice rooms for the various teams that will remain in Los Angeles, along with a film review room and six streaming rooms. 

The pictures of the facility are downright impressive and just might set a new standard for esports facilities. Gen.G’s Seoul headquarters is equally as impressive, boasting an even bigger facility

Gen.G’s new practice home is the latest in what seems to be something of a facilities arms race. 100 Thieves, Team Liquid, and Team SoloMid are among other prominent esports organizations that have just recently produced top of the line practice arenas and housing units for their contracted players. 100 Thieves in particular just added a new multi-million dollar facility to further add to their expensive “content house” and other related houses that their teams use for practice and content creation.

Gen.G has excelled in their first year in Call of Duty, and that team will be among the foremost to utilize the new facility. Their most recent tournament result came in the Call of Duty World League Finals, where they finished second to a resurgent EUnited squad.

That match wasn’t without controversy, as Chance “Maux” Moncivaez’s controller stopped working during the second map. The organization later released a statement on the drama in the hopes of putting the controversy to bed.


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