Gen.G, FURIA face off for spot in DreamHack Masters Jonkoping

By Nick Johnson


Feb 24, 2020

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Gen.G and FURIA have advanced to the grand finals of DreamHack Open Anaheim 2020. Gen.G took down North 2-0 in the first of Sunday’s matches, while FURIA defeated Complexity in a reverse sweep to book their own ticket to the grand final.

Anaheim was full of storylines going in.

Will Endpoint pick up a single map? Will MiBR finally take home a tournament win after a brutally long drought? And what can fans expect from both Complexity and Gen.G in the live event debuts of their new rosters?

The last question was the last one left unanswered, as Endpoint not only took a map, but an entire series from forZe and eliminating them from the tournament. MiBR looked strong early on in the tournament, but Complexity absolutely destroyed the Brazilian team on Nuke 16-2 and Dust 2 16-9.

The only survivors remaining at this point are the international Gen.G squad and Brazil’s best.

Gen.G shut down North to move to DreamHack Open Anaheim Finals

This morning, Gen.G put down North in two matches that weren’t decided until the final moments. Dust 2 ended 16-13, but North was down 11-4 at half. A strong T side from North strangled Gen.G’s economy early on, but Gen.G’s double AWP setup proved stronger once the map came to a close. Timothy “autimatic” Ta’s quadruple kill sealed the deal

Mirage was also incredibly close, but Gen.G took the map by two when it was all said and done. Mathias “MSL” Lauridsen’s AWP was more impactful here, as he out-sniped autimatic. North couldn’t field anyone to contend with Sam “s0m” Oh’s masterful performance that brought Gen.G out ahead. His entire game was solid, but s0m’s quadruple kill on the CT pistol round managed to bring Gen.G from a two-on-four situation to a round win in impressive fashion.

FURIA’s games against Complexity were a mirrored affair. The international Complexity roster started out strong on the T side on Mirage, racking up a 12-3 half before the switch. Complexity went up 15-3 by winning the CT pistol round before giving up eight straight rounds.

Complexity ultimately took the win thanks to a strong performance from Benjamin “blameF” Bremmer. COL’s in-game leader put up an impressive 1.5 rating alongside a 103 average damage per round. It wasn’t him that ended the map, but Valentin “poizon” Vasilev with some close range AWP action.

Overpass was FURIA’s pick, and they took the map 16-11. The scores on Overpass were less one-sided than Mirage, with FURIA picking up nine and seven rounds in either half. Even though Complexity wasn’t able to take Overpass, the team looks to be improving itself on the map.

FURIA sets sights on DreamHack Masters Jonkoping

Nuke was the decider fans deserved. In a map that came down to the very last round, FURIA finally pulled away from a Complexity team that had hounded them the entire map. It was a disappointing finish for a Complexity team that looked much improved throughout DreamHack Open Anaheim.

In what was a complete game from top to bottom, Complexity started off slow, going down 5-0 on the favored side of Nuke. FURIA’s T side was vicious, but COL managed to gain a foothold late to end the half down 9-6.

FURIA’s CT side was weaker than their T half, but a massive 42-kill showing from Yuri “yurrih” Santos was the key factor in a decider map that came down to the final rounds.

FURIA and Gen.G will close out DreamHack Open Anaheim and face off for $100,000 and a spot in DreamHack Masters Jonkoping.


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