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Gamers are calling the Fable protagonist ugly after seeing trailer

By Olivia Richman


Jun 14, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Fans are disappointed in the new Fable reboot after years and years of waiting — and it’s not for the reason you may think.

The Fable reboot was first announced in 2020 after fans of the series didn’t have a game since 2010 (for the Xbox 360!). It seemed possibly too good to be true, but the game was announced once again at the 2023 Xbox Games Showcase. And this time, it came with a lot more information in the form of a trailer.

While most people responded with excitement over the insightful look into the action and interaction opportunities, as well as the humor sprinkled throughout the trailer, some fans did take notice of some unfortunate visuals that didn’t sit well with them.

Fable fans turned off by ugly character designs

To the surprise of nobody, gamers are once again making a big deal out of a female protagonist’s appearance. Apparently, the woman featured in the trailer is unattractive, according to some fans.

Just like when Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy was criticized for having peach fuzz on her face and not being conventionally dolled up in an apocalyptic setting, gamers are now upset that developers didn’t make Fable’s heroine look like a sexy pin-up as she runs for her life in a giant’s home.

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The discussion got heated when conservative influencer Ian Miles Cheong tweeted that Fable was “continuing the trend of weirdly unattractive female main characters.” He noted that her appearance is due to some gamers not wanting female characters to be objectified, thanks to “woke intersectional feminists.”

A lot of people agreed with Cheong, saying that the character design was ugly and wondered why artists would spend time purposefully making a character that was unappealing. While it wasn’t really up for debate whether the character was ugly or not, others questioned why it mattered that she was ugly.

Either way, the trailer was spammed with dislikes due to her appearance.

In the previous Fable games, players were able to customize their characters, and this will probably be true for the Fable reboot as well.

When is the Fable reboot coming out?

There is currently no release date for the Fable reboot. At the very earliest, the game may come out in late 2023.

Until then, expect a lot more information to become available about gameplay, character customization, and more. Fable will be a game with a “world filled with stories of legendary heroes and treacherous villains, fantastical creatures and wonderous places,” so you may find that the appearance of the characters doesn’t impact your enjoyment of the gameplay at all.