Marvel Rivals role lock

So are gamers liking Marvel Rivals?

By Olivia Richman


May 13, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Marvel Rivals’ Closed Alpha is here and gamers can do more than speculate now. The sudden announcement of the Overwatch 2-inspired hero shooter had comic book fans excited but is Marvel Rivals living up to the hype?

From the trailers to the announcements, Marvel Rivals looked uncomfortably similar to Overwatch 2. Despite this, gamers were excited to see how Marvel’s take on a shooter would be thanks to the ability to play as iconic heroes and villains. The Closed Alpha is upon us. Is the game as good as fans hoped?

Marvel Rivals players demand role queue

Marvel Rivals has been met with overall positive feelings from Closed Alpha players. The game is pretty fun overall but many are questioning if the game can be competitive since there is no role queue.

Role queue locks players into specific roles on the team, like Overwatch’s support, DPS, and tank. This ensures that games are balanced and fair, providing competitive integrity and inspiring more metas and strategies. Without role queue, Marvel Rivals has been missing that competitive edge.

According to recent feedback from frustrated players, many are refusing to play tanks or healers. This has created teams of DPS since many are hungry to do damage rather than support. But this leaves teams vulnerable and with no coordination.

Many agreed with this sentiment on Reddit, saying that gamers that lack DPS skills still insta-lock that role, even if this means letting their team down.

This could be due to the game’s design, however. A lot of players noted that the DPS options are the most fun and strong in the game. Others added that the healers suck, meaning a lack of balance on the roster. With healers feeling underwhelming, many are opting to avoid the role.

Marvel Rivals release date

Some added that Marvel Rivals is only in Closed Alpha, meaning it’s just for testing and feedback. The game isn’t done in those regards. But a Reddit user pointed out that they can’t get a real feel for the game without proper features like role lock.

Said one passionate player: “How am I supposed to properly test features if we’re getting spawn camped because the other five people on my team don’t want to tank and/or heal? The rest of my team can’t properly test anything either, because they’re all dead for 99.99% of the match, since I’m solo healing.”

Developers haven’t responded to these concerns yet. It’s unclear if the game will have role queue once it comes out.