Ways to earn Gil in Final Fantasy XIV

By Fariha Bhatti


May 13, 2024

Reading time: 4 min

Are you tired of struggling to acquire enough Gil for your in-game purchases and upgrades? Look no further, as we have compiled a list of proven methods to help you increase your Gil earnings in Final Fantasy XIV. Whether you’re a crafting master or a battle-hardened warrior, these tips will benefit players of all levels.

Let’s explore various strategies such as farming, mini-games, and market trading to boost your wealth in the world of Eorzea. Get ready to level up your Gil game and become a savvy entrepreneur in Final Fantasy XIV!

Consider purchasing Gil

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If you’re looking to accumulate a lot of in-game currency quickly, you may want to consider purchasing Gil. Although not necessarily the most honorable method to obtain currency within FFXIV, it can provide you with a substantial amount of wealth relatively fast.

There are reputable sources online selling FFXIV Gil, just be sure to do your research and choose a trustworthy seller. Keep in mind that this method should be viewed as a jumpstart to building your wealth within the game, and it’s important not to rely on it as your sole method of acquiring currency.

By combining the option of purchasing Gil with other methods, such as selling materials or completing quests, you can build wealth more quickly and effectively.

Participate in Daily Roulettes and Beast Tribe quests

Participating in Daily Roulettes and engaging with Beast Tribe quests offer substantial Gil rewards upon completion and grant players valuable experience points and various items that can be sold on the market. Daily Roulettes — categorized into different types like Leveling, Trials, and Guildhests — match players in random instances that provide a bonus reward for the first completion each day.

Meanwhile, Beast Tribe quests, representing the game’s various factions, provide unique storylines and rewards, including Gil, experience, and special items. Once you incorporate these activities into your daily routine, you can significantly boost your Gil earnings while enjoying diverse content within the game.

Crafting and gathering

Players who specialize in any of the crafting or gathering classes can produce a wide range of items and materials that are in constant demand. Whether you’re crafting gear, potions, or furniture for player housing or gathering rare materials found throughout Eorzea, there’s always a market for high-quality goods.

By carefully monitoring market trends and responding to the needs of the player community, industrious crafters and gatherers can amass substantial wealth. Engaging in these activities also opens up additional gameplay aspects, including customizing your gear and contributing to guild projects.

Playing the market board

Similar to real-world stock trading, the market board in Final Fantasy XIV allows players to buy and sell goods for varying prices. If you have a keen eye for market trends and know which items are in high demand, you can make significant profits by buying low and selling high on the Market Board.

This method requires some initial investment of Gil as well as a keen understanding of the market, but it can yield impressive returns for those who are willing to put in the time and effort. No matter your level or profession, anyone can become a successful Market Board player with the right knowledge and strategy.

Treasure hunts

Treasure hunts are yet another lucrative method to increase your Gil stash in Final Fantasy XIV. By partaking in these quests, you can unearth valuable loot, including rare materials, minions, and even equipment that can be sold for a high price on the Market Board.

Players can acquire treasure maps by gathering or purchasing them from other players. These maps lead to hidden chests scattered across Eorzea, promising both adventure and the chance to earn substantial Gil and items.

Grouping with friends or other adventurers is recommended, as some treasure hunts can lead to challenging encounters that are difficult to solo, adding an exciting social element to earning Gil.

Farming Notorious Monsters (NMs) and dungeons

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For more combat-oriented players, farming Notorious Monsters (NMs) and dungeons might be the way to go. Notorious Monsters are powerful creatures that drop high-value loot, such as rare crafting materials, minions, and even mounts. They can usually be found in specific locations or summoned by fulfilling certain conditions.

Dungeons also offer a significant opportunity to earn Gil, with bosses dropping valuable items and currency upon defeat. Some dungeons have daily or weekly lockouts, so it’s recommended to run them regularly for maximum profit potential.

There are numerous strategies available for those looking to increase their Gil in Final Fantasy XIV. From purchasing Gil as a quick fix to engaging in daily activities, crafting, playing the market board, treasure hunts, and farming notorious monsters and dungeons, there’s an approach suited to every type of player.

Diversifying your efforts across these methods can enhance your gaming experience and boost your in-game wealth. Remember, consistency and a bit of strategic planning will go a long way in helping you achieve your Gil goals in the world of Eorzea.